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Sony NWZ-S618F mp3 player and winamp playlists

I have purchased Sony NWZ-S618F mp3 player.

Winamp 5.34 recognises the Sony mp3 player as portable media player. So I can send songs from the playlist editor of winamp straight to the sony mp3 player.
But when I copy&paste some winamp playlists to the Mp3 Player they are not accepted or compatible.

Sony says that the player can play Windows Media player or any other software playlists that are compatible.

Is there a way to make winamp playlists compatible with my Sony NWZ-S618F mp3 player?
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance.
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You've tried sending .pls, .m3u, and .asx format playlists to the player? (The three major playlist formats I can think of off the top of my head.) So what happens when you try each of those?

Check the info manual for your device, maybe it has some addtional info on what playlist types it accepts? Chances are it's not a specific issue with Winamp, just player compatibility with certain file types.
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I was doing it the very old fashioned way -if there was ever one. I took the m3u file and drag&dropped it in the Playlist folder of the Mp3 player...
And there was a message of incompatibility.

I did not want to give up easily because I have faith in Winamp.
Well I added some plugins to make devices-hard disks visible in the media library and some other plugins and opened the Media Library of Winamp.
I imported from a folder all my playlists.
I created a new playlist added it in the playlists of the library, right button click on it-->> send to Sony Portable and there was it. The playlist of winamp got into the Sony as an .pla file completely compatible with the sony mp3 player.

Amazing how many capabilities winamp can offer.
With the plugins by far better than Itunes and Windows Media Player...

So it worked very simply by using the media library and sending the playlist from the media library to the portable instead with just a click of right button of the mouse.

Congratulations to Sony that not only created a drag&drop player but that it is compatible with Winamp and not only with Windows Media Player.

And congratulations to the Winamp Community for the plugins and all the stuff.

So by sending the Playlist from Media Library to the mp3 player you insert both the songs and the playlist with one click.

Well another positive of Sony is that if you copy&paste a whole folder from windows you can find the folder in the player like it is in your pc...
Sony-Ipod=1-0 so far...
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I was asked to give a few more details about Sony NWZ and winamp playlists.
I can create a playlist and send it to my Sony mp3 player even without importing a single song into the Winamp Media Library.
First I used this plugin ->http://www.winamp.com/plugins/details/145830

Dynamic Media library. Why is it important? Because when you open Winamp Media Library, on the left column you can see your Hard disk Devices (vertically placed).
This way you can have instant access to your hard disk content from the Windows media library.
1st step -> Install the Dynamic Library plugin

2nd step -> Re-open Winamp and winamp Media library
On the left column you can see "Playlists", "Portables" and
"Devices" among others.

3rd step -> In the Winamp Media Library right mouseclick on
Playlists. Then you can create New playlist or import older ones from m3u files or other winamp playlist files.

4th step -> Go to Devices on the left column of Winamp Media library, find your music folders and drag n drop songs into the playlist you created.

5th step -> After you filled your playlist with the songs you want and arrange the order of the songs in the playlist then you Choose the playlist you created on the Playlist column in the Winamp Media Libray ->right mouse click-> Select "Send to Portable Sony mp3 Player" and then automatically both the songs and the playlist will be imported into your mp3 player.

If you choose a playlist and right click on it but there is no "Send to" option, then you may need this plugin->http://www.winamp.com/plugins/details/139313

So the whole secret is to either import your playlists into the Winamp media library and send them from the Winamp Library to the Sony mp3 player either create the playlist within the Winamp Library and again send them from there into the mp3 player.
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