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How does "Enqueue" work?

OK. Something tells me that I'm missing something, so I'm going to go through the steps in horrible, gory detail.

To begin, I'm using v5.5 (x86) - Oct 10, 2007.

At the bottom of the Winamp Library pane, I see a button that reads "Enqueue". I hoped that it would ensure that the song that is highlighted would be played "next." Nope. Pushing it apparently does nothing.

Then, I right-clicked a tune. There's an option that reads "Enqueue selection". Selecting that also provided no tangible result.

So, I'm confused. Time to go to the help files (http://media.winamp.com/main/help/50/Winamp5.htm).There, I search for "enqueue". I get a single result, in General Preferences. It appears to have hit on the preference that allows me to "Enqueue files on double click in Windows". It does include a section on "DrO's Jump To File Extra plugin". Since it's an "Extra plugin," I hope that it isn't mandatory for happy use of that "Enqueue" button. If it is, let me know (and get that button off of the screen until the plugin is installed).

In summary, I find NO information about the Enqueue button in the help files. Conclusion - the Help files have nothing to say about Enqueue. Either it's obvious, or it's a mistake.

Next, to the forums.

I do run through the "How to find the answer (READ ME FIRST)". In the "Troubleshooters Sticky," there is something about Winamp 3 enqueue, but I'm not using that, so I skip it.

In the Winamp forums, I search for "enqueue" as the keyword, all forums, any date. I sort by last posting date.

I see threads that have no clear relevance, except these:
  • "enqueue wont work even after revertin to earlier version." This poor bloke gets poked for using an "unsupported version." He appears to be trying to figure out why he's unhappy, and the only response he gets is "what do you mean it doesn't work?"

    For my part, I will refer to my first experience. If nothing is playing, and I enqueue a tune, nothing is still playing. If, then, I push that right-facing triangle that appears to mean "play," the next music I hear has no resemblance to the thing that I enqueued. If, when something is playing, I choose to enqueue a tune, that enqueued tune does not play next. Or ever, as far as I can tell.
  • "Post All Winamp 5.531 Core Bug Reports In This Thread". That's pretty generic, but I look at it. I see an entry that talks about a bug that happens on music queue. To reproduce the bug, the first step is "Clear playsist." What playlist? There are clearly hints here, but I'm still dumbfounded.

I'm getting tired of this, and many of you are ready to trash me. Frankly, though, I am a bit frustrated.

Trying to be a good citizen, I see a page that includes the text "Information required when posting (ignore this and you WILL be ignored)." That really turns off my "good citizen" nature. I have paid some money for Winamp (Pro), and a line like that is very '80s. if I were using something free, I would put up with it. But I have paid for this software. If my plugins (which I did not really choose, since I'm not a "power" user; I just answered "yes" on the install) really will result in a totally unresponsive "Enqueue" button, let's document that so that nobody else has to post that list of plugins, eh?

So, where is this Enqueue thing described and explained?
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All enqueueing does it add it to your playlist. pretty much "adds it to the queue" of songs to be played.
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Originally posted by kefka900
All enqueueing does it add it to your playlist. pretty much "adds it to the queue" of songs to be played.
I have a dozen playlists. Which one does it add to? It doesn't appear to add to any.
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I'd say, enqueue adds it to the end of your actual playlist.
So, if you had ten songs to be played next, the song you chose would be listed in 11th place..
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I've found what I was missing. There are playlists that appear under the "Playlists" heading in the Media Library pane. Then, there is THE playlist. Now that I know this, I see evidence of it in the Winamp Help. However, I'm not embarrassed that I missed it. It is not mentioned in the material under "Playing MP3 Files." Instead, I had to read the material under "Winamp Playlists" (note the plural) and get past the material about Loading Playlists, arriving at a section on Playlist Editing, which mentions "the Winamp Playlist" (emphasis is mine).

It would be nice to add a single sentence to the "Playing MP3 Files" topic, tying playback to the playlist.

As it turns out, I was adding songs to the playlist when I selected Enqueue. My problem is that I typically open Winamp, set shuffle, pick a starting song in my library, and then let it wander from there. I see (now that I've opened the Playlist Editor) that this pattern results in all of my songs being loaded into the playlist. Adding to the end of that wasn't much use.
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