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Aero + Video + Winamp = High CPU Usage


The title is pretty self explanatory. When Aero is enabled, in either Vista or Windows 7, and video is playing, Winamp shoots to 100% CPU Usage (or 50% on dual core, or 25% on quad core, etc.) This often causes drops in framerate and choppy video. When using ffdshow, video is practically unwatchable since Winamp is hogging the CPU.

Initially, I though I had a codec problem, but as soon as I disable Aero...Winamp works normally and uses less than 10% CPU when playing fullscreen video. Unfortunately, disabling half the features of the operating system isn't a solution. I have messed around with the software acceleration features in the Winamp options with no success.

I have a fairly decent system, Intel Core2 QX6700, NVIDIA GTX 260, etc. My hardware is certainly not the problem. I also have a completely fresh installation of Windows 7. Now, before you jump to conclusions and say "Oh, 7 isn't supported", I've also seen Winamp behave the same way in Vista with Aero. I only just made the jump from XP x64 to 7 x64 to find that Winamp is practically unusable for video.

It saddens me that I have to drop Winamp for video, it's a pretty big inconvenience to start watching videos in another player, especially when Winamp did it so well. What worries me is that this problem still occurs in Vista and it still hasn't been fixed. Seriously, what's the deal guys? Is this problem ever going to be addressed?
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I was going to make the exact same post.

Been waiting for the Winamp team to make Winamp work with Aero + Video for two years now.

Should i just ditch winamp after using it for ..10ish years for another mediaplayer or will you actually make it work on a OS newer then 9 years old.
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shameless bump.
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