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Two instances of Winamp, both with different settings.

I've just started using Winamp after giving up on iTunes 9 'Bloatware' edition, and I wish I'd done it sooner!! Anyway, I've managed to setup a Shoutcast stream using the Edcast plugin, but what I would like to do is have one instance of Winamp, with a playlist on repeat that I can add/remove tracks to as I please (no requirement for media library). This instance would be muted locally as it streams to Shoutcast. I would also like a second instance of Winamp for using locally (with full media library etc) so that I can listen to different music without disturbing the Shoutcast stream. I've figured out how to open multiple instances and I'm pretty much there but I would like to be able to save both the instances as they are at the moment and be able to open and close them separately. Just wondering if anyone has got a setup like this, if so some advice would be much appreciated.
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actually I do this all the time. Winamp does use the windows registry but also uses an ini file. Just install Winamp like you normally would
, just install winamp like you normally would, then copy C:\Program Files\Winamp contents to a new folder. example: c:\program fiels\winamp-2, this way you can run winamp with completely different settings, plug-in etc.

Run the first copy of winamp,click the option in general preferences to all multiple instances of winamp and you should be ready to go with different settings, plug-in, skin settings etc.

best of luck.

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