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Old 5th January 2002, 17:49   #1
The Boyster
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Viewing all files including sub directories in music library

Does anyone know of a plug-in or other work around to allow me to see all music files in my music library in the same way that you can in Musicmatch. If you click add file, you can't see files in directories further down the tree and as my tracks are ripped from CD's and live in a folder of the name of the album, this makes making up playlists very laborious. I want to be able to see all files below the currently selected tree and then be able to drag them to the playlist window and then make a playlist from them.

My music files all live on a partition drive (e:\) and are then sorted into folders named from the album from which they were ripped.

The only way to do this that I have is to use Find files in windows, search for *.mp3 on e:\ then drag files from this list to winamp. This works but is not very elegant and I can't view the files by any parameters other than Size and track title, or do a search for keywords or other ID3 tags.

I'm sure this is probably very easy, but I'm new to all this MP3 stuff and don't like the musicmatch user interface or player (though it does a spiffing job of ripping my CD's)

Many thanks, The Boyster.
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Major Dude
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You can do add dir and that will open all files and folders under one main folder depending on the file type you select. Then you can organize it by title or location.
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Old 5th January 2002, 18:57   #3
DJ Egg
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plugins plugins plugins
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Old 5th January 2002, 19:09   #4
The Boyster
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Thanks but neither of these useful

Add dir only shows you folders under a parent directory, not the files in them. Read my question again to see what I mean as this is exactly what I was asking! Add file shows files, but only those in the directory. What I want is to make add dir show all the files in subfolders in the same way expand all does in Windows Explorer.

Looked for ages through the plug-ins and can't find the one I need which is why I posted this question as with a modem (I live in the mountains and we don't have broadband) I may well pass away before finding the correct plug-in especially when you don't know the terminology to do a wild card search on the site.

Thanks, B
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Old 5th January 2002, 20:22   #5
DJ Egg
Winamp & Shoutcast Team
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Okay, I've done the search for you.

Playlist Management Plugins:

Advanced Winamp Playlist

Dynamic Library (Folder views)

EZ-Playlist: (apparently comes highly recommended)

Ultimate Toolbox (multiple playlists and much more)

Full Playlist (dynamic playlist updater)

Album List (takes a directory tree & turns it into a list of albums), by Safai Ma:

Winamp Enqueue (Winamp3 Enqueue Plugin for Winamp 2.x/5.x)
http://mitglied.lycos.de/Daishy/WEnqeue/ (latest version)

Playlist Improver

plCleaner (for removing duplicate entries, updated for WA5)

Winamp JukeBox

Flawless Playlist plugin (multiple playlists)

LongPlayer (dynamic playlist loader/randomizer etc)

moreTunes 2 (album covers, id3 tags, lyrics manager & more)


NordBeats Jukebox (Searcher, DB Manager, Covers, P2P Console... mental!)

Hyperion (Album Lister/Sorter)

Hydra ML (browse & share media libraries across a network)

JB-Jukebox (jukebox, covers, and more)

Cubicle Jukebox


Bookmark Manager:
(newer version apparently available @ author's site)

MP3 Library:

MEXP Music Explorer plugin: (shareware : 30-day trial)

Wincue plugin:

Wanqer (auto folder/playlist monitor)

Jump to File Extra (now bundled with Winamp 5.02)
Check here for latest version | discussion

Find on Disk
http://www.nunzioweb.com/daz/files/F...Disk_v1_21.exe (discussion)

Playlist File Remover
http://www.nunzioweb.com/daz/files/g...emove_v1_4.zip (discussion)

Autoplay and Time Restore Plugin v1.71
http://www.nunzioweb.com/daz/files/T...tore_v1_71.exe (discussion)

Winamp File Control

DJ Quarc (lets you organize libraries of music files on CDs and HDs. Scan your volumes and you can search, load songs to Winamp, have an overview and see the recently played songs or playlists), by Quarc:

Virtual Playlist Manager:

MP3-Lister (playlist, covers, lyrics)

MP3 Stocker (MP3 organizer), by Leif "Liket" Claesson:

MP3 PlayMate (Lotus Mp3 organization/tagger)

MP3 Boss !!!

MP3 Share

MusInt Organizer (album trees, covers, lyrics, more)



FindIt (Jump To File search enhancement)

Gen_Yar (copies files listed in playlist to specified dir)

On the DL (Dynamic Dir/Playlist updater)

File Handler (move, copy, delete files)
http://www.winamp.com/plugins/details.php?id=110444 | download

eJukebox plugin

Songloader (Winamp3 only)

Amarok (bookmarker/indexer - for large single files/trax/albums)

DeleteCurrentSong, MoveCurrentSong, FullPlaylist, DisplayLyrics plugins:

Playlist copier

Playlist Selector

Winamp Playlist Jumper (Jump to track #)

WMA Full File Name View

Wombat Share (share media library across network)

External programs (not Winamp plugins)

So, there ya go. The choice is yours.
Surely one of these will do what you're lookin' for?

btw, I only browsed the 1st 200 or so plugins. I gave up after that, but there was still over 100+ to go. On a side note, at least I won't ever have to do this search again, I'll just direct people to this thread instead

Version 1.6 : 25th May 2004
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Old 6th January 2002, 18:42   #6
The Boyster
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Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: France
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Thank You!!!!

I did spend about 2 hours doing a search before posting the query but couldn't find what I was looking for - does winamp support searches in the same way that windows does?? i.e. are * and ? supported as when I looked for *playlist*, and *organiser* etc., it didn't seem to turn up much.

I havn't had time yet to look at your links, but thanks again for taking the time out to have a look for me. If you're ever in the French Alps and want to come skiing - I owe you one.

Cheers, the Boyster.
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Old 18th January 2002, 09:27   #7
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Hi everybody,

I see in this topic is a link to the Dj Quarc . That's nice, but the address is not the actual one ...

Better surf to www.Dj-Quarc.de - that will be the site for the winamp plugin Dj Quarc. The next updates will be only placed there.

The otherone is only a student account, it will be cancel this year...!!!

you like something to know about Dj Quarc...? it's a nice plugin for winamp to manage mp3 files on HD and CDs. If you don't use it, the Dj Quarc is only a little dot - and you can place the dot right next to winamp. Oh, just check it out

have fun

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Old 18th January 2002, 18:49   #8
DJ Egg
Winamp & Shoutcast Team
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Thanks for the update.

url above edited.

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Old 26th October 2003, 17:16   #9
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i tested some of the plugins, but none was really cool ....
Isnt there, anywhere out there, a plugin which behaves like MEXP, is for FREE, is skinnable and doesnt behave like a sperate application but just like the media library ?

( the answer seems to be too obvious for me )
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Old 24th March 2005, 20:32   #10
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Is there a working link to File Handler.
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Old 21st July 2009, 21:05   #11
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Looking for an M3U DB/Edit/Update Tool

Hi, for some long time I'm looking for a tool/Winamp-Plugin which can also handle playlists (m3u preferred) together with a media library.

The idea is to consider the playlists (m3u) as a kind of plain text DB to the media files (mp3, ogg, ...).

To give some background. I've my music and playlists on a network share (e.g. \\share\Music\) structured in the main genres like


Each directory then is (typically) structured by the artist's name, e.g.

Rock\Led Zeppelin\
Rock\Pink Floyd\

The m3us are (typically) sitting in the "artist's" directory pointing (relatively) to the actual media files which sit in generic "mp3", "ogg" or ... subdirectories.

Rock\Led Zeppelin\1969 - I.m3u

containing the list/"pointing" to

[Rock\Led Zeppelin\]mp3\I - 01 Good Times Bad Times.mp3
[Rock\Led Zeppelin\]mp3\I - 09 How Many More Times.mp3

(the path between the brakets [] is not part of the me3us thou - just for illustrating)

And now comes the trick/my problem: I often work on my media files and if (for what ever reason) I would change the media file's file name I'd have to update all playlist containing this media file's name with the correct file name / directory.

This can be a hassle as I also even have m3us, e.g. in the Sampler\ hierarchy which may point to media files somewhere (e.g. to avoid duplicates).

So I'd like a tool which "knows" about the relationship of the media files and the playlists and which could automatically update the m3u's content and write it back to the files system once the changes are committed.

I went through a couple of playlist plug-ins, but the only one which does _part_ of the job I found so far is PM4W?! It a least can highlight the playlists containg a specific file?
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