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song name/time/etc on desktop

in the milkdrop visualisation you can put the entire visualisation on your desktop. including song name/time/etc. but i find the actual visualisation quate annoying when i try to work but the song name and stuff on the desktop is great. so i wondered if there is any plug in that just shows that stuff on the desktop.
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Notification Style Plug-ins

All third party plug-ins (below) are listed as is and without endorsement or preference, however the two in bold print are commonly suggested in the forums. The voice plug-ins may require additional files to download and may not be fully compatible with earlier or later versions of Windows operating systems.

Display Title on Screen/Desktop in a "Bubble", Template or OverlayDisplay Title on an Applications' Title BarScreen Savers to Display TitlesVoice Announces TitleDisplay Title/Track Info in a Playlist Tootip
Displays track info when cursor hovers over a item in the main playlist (playlist editor)Modern Skins with Notifier
  • The Modern Default and Bento skin (and some third party skins) has a Notifications window/pop-up.
  • Try this modern skin search with Notifier and/or Notification as keyword(s).
  • Use this Google search for when the Winamp.com search function is borked.
    In other words, when you get the “Sorry, your search returned no results” message.

Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
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great! tnx!
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