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Problems ripping a CD of mine.

I purchased winamp pro today, so I could get some of my new CD's onto my comp, but everytime I try to rip this cd it gives me this error "error ripping track#1 Can't open decoder. Aborting."

Any clue? I'm really hoping I just didn't waste 20 bucks ><
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Can you play the cd in winamp? and do you hear sound then?
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yes the tracks play, and I can hear them clearly
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Was it a clean install of 5.12 Pro, or did you install it straight on top of a previous installation of Winamp? If the latter, then are there ANY 3rd-party plugins present, eg. any replacement mp3 decoders like in_mp3pro?

Were there any error messages during installation?
(eg. any relating to Sonic Engine / px.dll)

What is your Windows OS? What is your CD-ROM Drive make/model?

What are your relevant settings in Winamp?
Winamp > Prefs > CD Ripping:

Encoder tab:
Encoding Format = ?
Encoder Options = ?

Ripping tab:
Speed = ?
Read audio data using Sonic... = checked/unchecked?

Output File Settings tab:
Destination Folder = ?
Does this folder definitely already exist?
Naming Convention = ?

What other processes are running concurrently? (c/o HijackThis log - see "specs" link for details)


Then there's this from the FAQ

Error ripping track #1: Can't open decoder. Aborting
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For what its worth. I had the same problem.
"error ripping track #x: can't open decorder. Aborting" and
"CD Drive Currently in Use" and
"Can't open destination file"

The solution was simple dispite seeming otherwise. As it turns out, some file names get too long when a complete file naming convention is used. For example if <Artist> - <Album>\## - <Artist>-<Album>- <Title> is used for some tracks the number of characters exceeds the maximum. I found that either by shorting the file naming convention for certain tracks (sometimes things like "featuring xx" or "writtin by xx" will show up in the track title causing extremely long file names) or by editing certain tracks or changing album title in the track editor the problem was resolved very easly.

Hope this helps,
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