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Current Forum Situation

There seems to be a mixture of truths, half-truths and outright lies floating around the forums at the moment regarding the recent spate of bannings, so before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, it might be a good idea to read this first.

As Nemessis has already highlighted in one of his posts, there is a distinct possibility at the moment that either a moderator's or an administrator’s account has been compromised. The end result of this was that certain banned accounts had been reinstated, access masks had been changed for others, and yet others had certain forum priviledges removed.

What has not been pointed out (or may have been badly explained) is that any accounts suspected of being involved in this incident have been placed on temporary ban until the matter is resolved. At the moment, any of the logs pertaining to this are being looked at in order to find out exactly who was involved. Depending on the outcome of this, some accounts will be reinstated, some will not.

Nemessis was also correct when he said that two years worth of his posts have been deleted. Believe me when I say that this comes as big as a surprise to us as it did to him, and efforts are being made as I type this to find out how this happened and who is responsible. Again it supports that claim that a mod account has been comprimised. In order to remedy this, attempts are being made to find a way to reinstate all his posts if a suitable backup can be found. Likewise, if the culprit is found, moderators "want to see their testicles on a string hung around their neck".

But do note this. Posting porn. warez or any other type of sick or depraved material as some form of childish retaliation or means of making your point will result in swift action without recourse. Attempts to get banned will meet a similar fate. Such actions are deconstructive and only serve to tarnish the good names of your fellow members.

So thats the way things stand folks. Hope this provides some insight into what has been happening. If I'm leaving out anything, e-mail or PM me and I'll be happy to see if I can help.

Mike (ethan_h)

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