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Winamp 5.0 Beta 2 Released

Go get Release Candidate 8, it rocks more


Betanews with download
FAQ (including new Winamp Pro Section)

Winamp 5.0 upgrades and installs over Winamp 2.x
Do NOT install in the same dir as Winamp3 (this is a separate product/player)

Please read the following threads first:

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Sticky: Official Winamp 5.0 Wishlist

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Sticky: Winamp 2.9, Winamp3, and the future

Re: AAC/MP4/M4P (Winamp 5 vs iTunes)
search first

Winamp 5.0beta2 10/23/03:
* modern skin updates :
- new skin drop
- woo francis owns, and fixed keyboard bugs
- fixed alt+f4 from video wnd & pledit
- fixed resizing cursor in popups
- fixed add to library parenting window to main window rather than to library
- fixed switching to vis while video is playing
- added checkmarks to scale/opacity menu
- fixed avs fullscreen complaint when video is there hanging
- fixed resizerect docking to viewport for snapAdjusted wnds
- fixed slowdowns loading big playlists in mmd3
- added redock after drawer open/close
- gave modern skin default positions for main wnd/pledit/library
- added popup menu on song title text
- fixed how menus would overlap menubar buttons when skin was at the bottom of the screen
- added "animate config drawer" in skin option menus
- fixed saving/restoring of classic main window and eq status, and classic pledit windowshade and size
- fixed showing classic skins at startup when loading modern skin
- even newer skin drop
- added "temporary" to scale menu so that this locked scale thing is a bit more obvious
- added "pe_info" xml text display string for pledit selected/total length (not yet in skin)
- added dsound ipc for crossfader buttons/sliders support
- added vis menu action ("vis_menu"), made modern skin's button configurable (menu/config)
- added localization support in gen_ff
- added bitmap font override to ttf, added pref page with font list & scale overide
- added altfont, altsize, altcolor, altprettymucheverything for text objects, so that
skinners can make their skins ttf friendly, added "use alternate fonts" in fonts pref tab
- added checkbox for using operating system font rendering
- gave a few fontsizes to bitmapfont text objects so overrides aren't all the same size
- fixed crashbugs when not finding ttf fonts
- fixed empty playlist when starting with previously windowshaded playlist in classic mode but no xnf data
- fixed crash when trying to update stuff while switching skin
- fixed crossfader time going back to 0
- added right to left ttf rendering
- fixed layouts jumping on the screen when changing truetype font override
- updated to freetype 2.1.5, fixes crash, #ifdefed out some unused stuff from it
- fixed ctrl+w + alt+g guru
- fixed alt+tab while resizing player
- fixed player leaving a resize trail when aborting resize above autorefresh-on-alt+tab windows
- removed small kerning hack due to freetype 2.1.5 having much better native kerning
- fixed equalizer xnf entry getting duplicated over and over
- fixed small leak in font loader
- fixed font engine not reloading a ttf font after switching to win32 font renderer and back (and thus, using the override font, which also serves as fallback)
- adjusted some ttf rendering paddings
- added ability to not override bitmap font with ttf or use altfont on 7-bits character strings
- fixed disabled widgets states
- fixed typo in about box
- added ctrl+tab / ctrl+shift+tab to cycle thru windows
* made playlist showing deferred so startups looked cleaner with modern skins
* fixed crash on skindir change in prefs
* added "adding to burner" status window when using sendto/drag&drop to burner, for reassuring
* added rescan in background menu item to library menu
* added "add folder in background" checkbox to "add folder" in library
* added scan on startup library option
* christophe's now playing updates
* fixed manual playlist advance w/ repeat
* fixed CD burning view and skin switching bug
* fixed burning when WAV writer is configured to not write WAV headers
* switched to new Gracenote ID
* fixed "return" key in ml's info editor
* added left mouse click on disabled edit boxes in ml's info editor
* better burning error handling (shows the burning status window to easily view the error)
* better mini-info-viewer when no internet handling
* made winamp's open directory recurse checkbox nicer looking
* avs doubleclick (fullscreen vs config) option in fullscreen options
* avs alt+f4 closes winamp instead of loading preset
* milkdrop config while running now shows help
* added new avs default presets
* fixed installer dual-winamp-launch bug
* fixed gen_ml bg scanning error problem
* optional screensaver disabling for video, fullscreen or not. now with optional mode that works
even if winamp is not active.
* slight avs window reorganization
* made modern skin extracted by default, for speed
* improved config dialogs for aac/mp3
* made info viewer activated by button instead of slider
* made internet radio/tv page handle resize better (search doesnt get screwed on small windows)
* cleaned up some labeling places
* cleaned up ripping and burning UIs more
* fixed library prefs radio buttons
* added Gracenote TUID retrieval in "Now Playing" tab in ML
* cleaned up ML playlist editor buttons, added burn button
* added wait for blank media dialogs for burning
* made bookmarks support drag&drop more and sendto.
* made it so you can't remove/rename modern skin
* added option to add burned CDs to local CD DB

werd to neowin.

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Oh my hero.
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will owns

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discussion to follow here please: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....35#post1143935

-- greets to neowin.net users

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In the next version we will have ratings, playcounts and a play history in the ML!!

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