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cant listen to radio.

OK I went to my radio station site and clicked live stream and opens in smaller window and inbedded wmp . Ok works fine :\. But i want to listen it in my winamp.
OK right click to get the url.
or when i clicked broadband it ask to open or safe a .asf file.

OK saved it on desktop. Opened it with Notepad and got this.
<ASX version="3.0">
<TITLE>Studio Brussel Live</TITLE>
<MoreInfo HREF="http://www.stubru.be" />
<ref HREF="mms://streampower.belgacom.be/stubruhigh" />

Anyway i tryed file-> open url ->
A) mms://streampower.belgacom.be/stubruhigh
here it buffers but then nothing.

then i got error syncing to mpeg

nothing happens

A and B works fine in windows media player by same method of open url .
PS i selcted all files to be associated with winamp in options.
PSS got 5.0 free version
PSSS hope i placed it in right forum , read somethign about southblbabla but was really chinese for me.
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I found this somewhere in forum , winamp5 cant play mms

Oh if only you knew the amount of times I've reported this

You see, in Winamp 2.81 and earlier, in_wm.dll used to handle all mms:// streams, and the trick you referred to above used to work, because adding the "/.wma" to the end of the url told in_wm.dll to handle the stream.

However, as from v2.90, in_dshow now handles all mms:// streams.
Now iirc, in v2.90 this was working for some if not most streams,
but somewhere inbetween v2.91 and v5.x, this became broken.
It looks like in_dshow is handling everything, ie. the stream url is recognized and begins to buffer up to 100%,
but it never goes any further, and just seems to get stuck in an endless buffering loop.

Yes, I agree, this needs fixing asap.
One less reason for people to still use WMP...

What I haven't tried is to temporarily disable in_dshow.dll and re-enable the old in_wm.dll
just to see if the old trick still works...

It probably will work, but I'm sure we all agree that we don't want to have to do this everytime we want to listen to an mms:// stream.
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Try this search for just how many times I/we have dealt with mms:// stream issues
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yeah but never found a decend answer until i found your
cant you make it a big sticky . Like mms stream problem or stream medium not supoorted cause yes shit loads of threads.
I found the new winamp very nice :\ but all the radios i want to stream use mms.
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It's already a known issue and referenced in the Known Bugs thread.
Alas, it is not feasible to sticky every known issue.

Look out for a new thread in TSGH soon which will list the most common Winamp 5.x issues.

btw, the bug only affects extensionless mms:// streams
ie. mms:// streams which don't specify a filename and extension at the end of the url

Note how in this example, the mms:// stream plays ok in Winamp.
mms:// <<-- plays fine in WA5

Also, the old workaround still works for some mms:// streams,
but only if the stream also supports tcp protocol, eg. you can replace mms:// with http:// and still add /.wma to the end of the url to make in_wm.dll handle the stream.

Alas, your particular stream does not support tcp protocol
If it did, then you could specify the url to be:
and this would work (but, as I said, doesn't work in this case).

If you remove in_dshow.dll entirely,
then in_wm.dll will again be the default mms:// handler, and
mms://streampower.belgacom.be/stubruhigh/.wma would work again.

What a carry on, eh ?!
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What the hell I think I am too dumb for this shit, all I want is a newer version which works.
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I'd just like to confirm that uninstalling in_dshow.dll does indeed work Since i don't use winamp for my video files anyway i don't mind removing its ability to handle them, but still it's not an ideal solution.
Anyway, i'm listening to mms://streampower.belgacom.be/stubruhigh/.wma from Winamp 5.05 now
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