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A temporary solution for iTunes M4A Playing


I've encountered the problem of playing mpeg-4 audio files, especially with .m4a files from iTunes.

A solution is to install a system codec, and play .m4a files trow directshow plug-in (in_dshow.dll).

So i've found a very good codec from http://www.3vix.com/ that plays perfectly mpeg-4 audio files created by any program (iTunes, winamp etc..)

The hard step is to configure winamp :
1) delete or hide in_mp4.dll codec
2) download and install 3vix codec
3) add extension .m4a to in_dshow.dll in winamp

After that everything was working perfectly, except tagging, it was impossible to acces or modify tags, and scanning, it was impossible to 'scan' the m4a file with winamp slidebar or arrow keys of the keyboard.

But unfortunatly 3vix codec is a shareware, and after 3O days, everything is over.

So if you want to use this solution, convert your files with winamp or another software before 30 days and there won't be any further problems.
A very good aspect of this solution is that you can play your m4a files with any program that uses directshow, it can be useful to convert your files with another program than winamp.

In my case, i hadn't seen the '30 trial shareware' and now i must re-install my pc if i want to use the codec again...
So think before doing that.

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Solution: Other M4A Codecs Found


I've just found new decoders to play mpeg-4 audio files.

You can download Satsuki Yatoshi Codec pack at http://yatoshi.com/.

This pack contains everything needed to play m4a files as discribed in my last message. (using nullsoft direct show plugin 'in_dshow.dll' instead of nullsoft default mp4 or 3rd party mp4 'in_mp4.dll' plugin, see last message for details).
Moreover this pack contains almost all usuals decoders to play video and music (RealMedia, WindowsMedia ...).

It works perfectly (i'm already listening m4a music with it).
Nevertheless seeking bar and tagging don't work.

And it seems to be an 'unlimited in time' pack.
Enjoy !

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Could you send one of the corrupt files to me?

I think I have the solution to the problem, but need to test to make sure -- if it works, I'll add the feature to mp3-boss (an audio organizer plugin for winamp).

You can send the file to:
mccaffjt (at) newsguy (dot) com

Also, do you know if this problem is still happening a lot, or has something been done so it happens less frequently?

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This issue was addressed over 3 years ago.

The Nullsoft MPEG4 Audio Decoder (in_mp4.dll) included with Winamp 5.5x plays all MP4/M4A files with he-aac (aacPlus) and lc-aac (iTunes/Nero) audio content and doesn't corrupt files when editing metadata.
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