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XPS Gen 2 Laptop LED Plugin - Plugin Attached

I recently had the good fortune of receiving an XPS Gen 2 as a work laptop. The first thing that came to mind after getting this beauty was there needs to be a WinAMP plugin to control the leds.

Being as I don't know a lick of C++ I recruited by good friend Jason Vonnieda (http://www.vonnieda.org) for assistance.

After I provided half the money for pizza, a few beers from yesteryear and encouragement he was able to hammer out the attached plugin to achieve this (I don't know how he does it!).

The plugin is a modified version of the Winamp SDK, so the implementation is a bit messy. We did the light manipulation by capturing the array of values sent by the spectrum analyzer example. We take an average of the first 5 offsets in the array and apply that to the LED intensity (which appears to only have 7 levels available to it??). For the colors changing we average the values from offsets 10 through 20 (seems only 16 are available??).

To use this plugin simply unzip the attached file and copy "vis_XPSLEDs.dll" to your winamp plugin directory.
It should appear in the list as "XPS LEDs v1.0". It's important that you select "XPS LEDs" down below from the Plug-in module list. (I know it's sloppy, but it was late and we were ready to call it quits for the evening).

A few things that we'd like to know the answers to:
1) Is there a way to get more than 7 levels of intensity?
2) Is there a way to get more than just 16 colors? It would seem the leds would be capable of more, but the colors seem to be hardset at the controller level?

Any thoughts, advice, information, suggestions or free beer are welcomed. Please send these to jason@vonnieda.org, and cc moodswung@gmail.com to keep me in the loop.
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OMG I LOVE U, are you married? can i have your children? .. uh .. i mean .. cool gj
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Hey, thanks for the positive feedback. I hope you're getting good use out of it.

Jason and I sat down again the other night and added quite a bit of polish to the plugin. Enough in fact that we both felt it was ready for plugin submission.

I created the install package, thumbnails etc and got the process started earlier today.

We both have a ton of ideas of where we could take this thing, but we're going to wait and see what kind of response we get to it.

If all goes well it will be available to the masses in the next couple of days. Enjoy =)
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Hey, thanks for the plugin! I use an XPS for school, and now I finally have a use for the leds.

Added after using it: it would be nice if it used the full range of led colors - it seems to just vary from red to white. It would also be nice if it put my leds back the way they were when I close it. Other than that, really cool, but kind of unpolished.

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Whenever i have music on... whenever im at my laptop I have them on! I dont really know whats possible, but maybe if a song isnt so intense the lights would slow down and not be so crazy and yes, reverting back to orginial setting would be a nice minor addition. I dunno, you guys keep up the good work, I know you guys have good ideas in your heads and anything that comes out will be great.
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I downloaded the zip file to my plugin folder in Winamp and selected XPS LED in the drop down menu in "Visualizatoins", but it still doesn't do anything.

Do you have any advice?

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Great work Mr. Vonnieda and sharris20! Funny, I never really thought there would be a plugin to do this but I thought I'd look anyway.
Just a few quick suggestions. The plugin only seems to work with the visualization window open. It would be nice if it worked no matter what. Also, I'm sure you've already thought of it...but adding options like being able to set what colors it uses would also be cool. Eg. Only Blue, or Blue and Red etc.

Once again, GREAT WORK!

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Hello People,

I’m new here.

I just found this and the work around for vista today.

I am posting in regards to the winamp plugin.

I was wondering if there was a way to make the colours more flexable?

IE in winamp, they only flash with bassy songs and it only seems to be red / brown / yellow type colours.

Is there a way to change the colours regarding this matter or increase the sensitivity of the beat detection?

(Sorry to digg this up from the grave)


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There's a workaround for doing this on Vista? I can't find it! ><
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