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Video Scaling Issue

When scaling the video below 100% to allow for great viewing area in smaller windows the ability to set a window size no longer works. As soon as the video is complete the window resizes ever tho the proper options remain checked/unchecked.

To my knowlege this issue has been occuring since at least 5.09 and continues through 5.112. This problem has been reported in another thread: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=215907

Tho I doubt it effects the issue, I run Windows XP with all up to date service packs and updates. My video card is Radion 9600.

One of my most enjoyed features of winamp was it's ability to set a constant window size for music video viewing while surfing the net and I would love to have that ability back.
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Yup. Looks like the bug has resurfaced. Doh!
Though it was definitely fixed in 5.093, so I'm not sure in which version it reappeared, heh.

Relevant settings:

Prefs > Video
Uncheck "resize video to fit video window"
Uncheck "close video window when playback ends"
(doesn't happen with this option checked, at least not when vid window is attached to main, heh)

Winamp Modern skin > video window (whether attached to main window or not) > menu > Windows Settings > Scaling:
Set it to anything other than 100% (best to use Custom setting, eg. 97% or 103%)
Place some videos in the playlist, and watch the vid window resize proportionally each time the next video starts.

5.093 changelog
* Fixed: Fullscreen switching with scaled video window

Hmm, related, but not exactly the same, so it looks like it was only partially fixed!

Note that the bug doesn't exist in 5.08 or earlier.
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