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Old 2nd March 2006, 11:22   #1
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bug: Winamp 5 in_mp3 wont play high bitrate mpeg v2.5 files

Clean install (minimal), Winamp 5 (all versions)
Windows XP Pro SP2
Athlon 64 3700+ cpu
Audigy 2 soundcard, kX Project drivers v3538j (probably irrelevant info as the output isnt in question, but here it is anyway)

It would seem that winamp 5 doesnt like mpeg v2.5 layer 3 files encoded at bitrates over 64kbps (either vbr or fixed).
Files are encoded using mono and joint stereo, 11khz.
The files simply dont play, winamp will give all indications that it is about to play (displaying time 0:00, play button changing color, etc), but the seek bar doesnt appear, and it just skips to the next song. Also, the songs have incorrect lengths in winamp's playlist, and the view info dialog shows incorrect bitrate (or doesnt show any information at all on some...).
Have tested this on multiple versions of winamp5: beta2, 5.08, 5.2
Works fine in winamp 2 (version 2.91).

If someone needs an examlpe file, I can upload one, should be easy enough to produce one tho.

Granted, its overkill to have an 11khz file encoded at over 64kbps... but hey, I didnt make the originals.
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Old 2nd March 2006, 12:11   #2
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Please provide an example file, so we could see if the bug is reproducible on other systems too
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Old 2nd March 2006, 12:12   #3
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I can reproduce it.

VBR* files are particularly funny, skipping all high bitrate blocks.

in_mpg123 plays them without a glitch

*encoded with lame 3.97b2 -V0 --vbr-new --resample 11
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Old 2nd March 2006, 16:05   #4
DJ Egg
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Yup, reproduced, and added to internal bugtracker.

I tried gaekwad2's commandline setting at first, with the Filewriter Output using Lame.Exe 3.97b2, but ended up with some file which just played as "white noise" in all players.

I then used CDex to convert a standard MP3 (MPEG 1.0 Layer 3, cbr 160kbps, 44.1KHz, stereo) to MPEG 2.5 Layer 3, 96kbps cbr, j-stereo, 11KHz.

It plays ok in all of WMP, VLC, MPC, but not Winamp.
EncSpot gives it the thumbs up.

Sample file (841kb zip)
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