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Winamp is one of the few programs on the market actually programmed fairly well. Therefore it has what is known as a Cyclic Redundancy Checker (CRC). However, due to various problems with the user computer, this may cause a problem, namely "CRC Check failed"

1st off, what is a CRC? It is a bit of code that makes sure that the winamp file that you downloaded is the one that Nullsoft distributes and therefore virus-free.

But a few things can go wrong:
1. Old versions of IE and Netscape tend to screw up downloads. Upgrade to 5.x or 4.7 respectively

2. AOL tends to screw up everything. If you are trying to download through AOL, pray hard.

3. The Win 95 CIH virus can cause problems for all the EXE files you download. Get a very new virus checker and check your system for virii. Note: No matter what a certain very confused user would have you believe, Winamp is not infected with any viruses, so do not be afraid that Winamp will infect your computer, rather the virus already on your computer infects Winamp.

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DJ-Egg's addendum:

Cyclic Redundancy Checksum Invalid means the file you have downloaded is not the same as the one distributed, ie. it has been modified in some way between the source and your HDD.

Firstly, run an up-to-date virus scanner to scan ALL files on your pc.
You must make sure that your A-V signature DAT files are the very latest versions, otherwise your A-V software will not properly detect any new viruses.

If you are certain that your pc is 100% virus clean and you are still getting the CRC checksum error when you attempt to redownload & install:

Firstly, delete any previous download attempts b4 trying to redownload.

If you chose "Run from current location" then you will need to delete the Winamp27*_*.exe installer file from your Temporary Internet Files folder.

If you chose "Save to disk" then you will need to delete the Winamp27*_*.exe installer file from whichever directory you specified.
It might also be wise to choose a different location (new dir) next time.

Also bear in mind that this error can be caused by an incomplete or corrupt download, usually due to either one of the following:
Net congestion | Too slow a connection | Poor quality ISP's | Poor browser support for FTP | a corrupt internet cache | a virus.

Some people have reported that they have managed to solve the problem by using a Download Manager program (eg. Go!Zilla, GetRight, etc) instead of using Windows' internal one.
However, many have reported that they only got the error when using a 3rd party download manager, but not if they use the default one.
So, one way or the other, try the opposite method.
(To disable Go!Zilla, hold down the left Alt key before clicking the link)

You are advised not to use managers such as Download Accelerator Pro.
DAP speeds up the download by using additional compression.
This modifies the size of the downloaded file, thus causing the crc to fail.

Winamp.com specifically recommends that you should use the Windows default download manager & choose "run this file from its current location".
This will download the installer to your Temporary Internet Files folder and automatically run it once the download is complete.
After the installation is completed, if you want to save the installer to a safe place on your HD, simply open your T.I.F.'s folder and copy & paste it to the desired location.

Also bear in mind that the crc error could also be incurred by your internet cache being either corrupted or too full. The only way to troubleshoot this is to goto IE Options -> General tab and delete the contents of the T.I.F.'s folder.

You can also try downloading the latest Winamp from numerous mirror locations, eg:
zdnet.com | tucows.com | cnet.com | download.com | etc
Our recommended & favorite alternative http site is:

Though, more than often, this error is caused by a virus (such as CIH as mentioned above by videocrew) which already exists on your system. Every EXE file you open subsequently becomes infected, thus causing the ingenious Cyclic Redundancy Checker in the Winamp installer to fail
If you don't have any Anti-Virus protection, see the bottom of this page for some free A-V protection software and free online scans. I've also listed some commercial software too.
Note, I have NOT included Norton & Macafee in the recommendations.
These are two of the worst A-V programs, regardless of how popular they are!

Another program that's guaranteed to fix the CiH virus is available here:
Download = less than 30kb
It must be run from the DOS command prompt only, NOT Windows.
Scans memory, boot sectors & all EXE files.
Cleans/restores all infected files (if possible).

Please note that CIH is a complete pc killer if left untreated. Act fast

Please check out this thread for a list of links to more free/shareware A-V:

nb. Also includes links to 2 other CIH killing utilities (both freeware)



For Installer too small error, check these threads:



Free Anti-Virus Software
AVG - www.grisoft.com
AntiVir PE - http://www.free*********/

Free online scans:

Use these, even if Norton or McAfee say your system is clean.

The cream of the commercial A-V programs
Trend PC-Cillin: http://www.trendmicro.com/
My-ETrust: http://www1.my-etrust.com
Command: http://www.commandsoftware.com/
Kaspersky: http://www.kaspersky.com/
F-Secure: http://www.f-secure.com/
Frisk F-Prot: http://www.f-prot.com/

All these are professionally rated above Norton & McAfee.
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