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The Official 3rd-party Plugin Bug List

Known Issues with certain 3rd-party plugins:

Compiled by DJ-Egg : with further comments by PP and Wish (where specified)

1) Creative Lab's portable Nomad plugin : gen_nomad.dll

Silently installed without the user's knowledege by Creative PlayCenter2
(included with the SBLive Soundcard CD-ROM)
and PlayCenter3 (included with the SBAudigy Soundcard CD-ROM)

Main problem:
Winamp cannot be maximized once it has been minimized to the tray

Other reported issues:
Sections of main Winamp window disappear
Scrollbar & time display no longer functioning
Oscilloscope/Analyzer immobilized
EQ not working
Causes memory and resource leaks
Crashes Winamp and freezes Windows

There should be an option in the plugins config screen to ban this evil plugin
Maybe with a further option to unban it if the user really wants to use it?
According to Creative Labs, it actually works for them, but I'm having none of it.
I'm still convinced this is a deliberate act of sabotage to try make people ditch Winamp and use Creative PlayCenter instead.

2) mIRC plugin : gen_mircex.dll

Prevents Winamp from shutting down properly
(winamp.exe still displayed in Task Manager)
Causes major resource leak (100% CPU cycles)
Invariably crashes Windows on shutdown.

Further info/details:

3) NiceMC Media Input plugin (supports various video & image formats)

Disables Windows tooltips
Disables automatic ScreenSaver
Automatically associates itself with JPG & GIF extensions, even though these extensions don't appear in Winamp's Filetypes list.

Further info/details:

Despite these issues, this plugin still functions properly, though there has been reports of instability/crashes.

4) Vidamp : in_vid.dll

Stupid error message on Winamp start : cannot find main window
Nothing major, but still very annoying!

Search forums for further info/details (keywords = vidamp -OR- in_vid.dll)

5) Innover's Real Audio plugin (Innoreal) : in_ra.dll

Works perfectly okay, except for the following problem:

Causes some supported extensions to disappear in Winamp's Filetypes list.
Particularly formats supported by non-default input plugins, plus any installed after installation of in_ra.dll

Further info/details:

6) in_mp3pro.dll : Thomson MP3Pro plugin:

Full details here

Wish's Comments:

If the Thomson plugin is above Winamp's default plugin (in_mp3.dll) in Prefs -> Input, you CANNOT disable it, even though you configure it to be DISABLED!

For example, this is the Winamp Preferences Input screen, where the list of plugins is shown.

If it's like this:

Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder 2.75i [in_mp3.dll]
THOMSON mp3PRO Decoder v0.98 (x86) [in_mp3PRO.dll]

Then when you disable the mp3PRO plugin, the default Winamp decoder takes back the MP3 decoding from the mp3pro decoder.

But if it's like this:

THOMSON mp3PRO Decoder v0.98 (x86) [in_mp3PRO.dll]
Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder 2.75i [in_mp3.dll]

Then, no matter even if you have disabled the mp3pro decoder, it STILL is the decoder used in Winamp!
The only way to fix this is to either delete the plugin or rename it to something else like in_mp3pro.dll.off so that it's not loaded when Winamp starts up. You need to do this when Winamp isn't active. Or you can move in_mp3pro.dll away from the plugin folder, start Winamp, then move in_mp3pro.dll back to the plugin folder. The priority order should then be fixed.

PP's comments:
Not a real bug IMO. This is the way Winamp handles multiple plugins associated with a single file type. It will be default if it's loaded before in_mp3 and has mp3 on extension list, no matter what they do (unless Justin adds a 'force detection' option to in_mp3 so it will steal mp3 files from other plugins like in_mp3pro does when enabled).

PP's suggested solution:
Make it possible to move input plugins up/down the list to set their priority/order.

DJ-Egg's addendum:
Also include an automatic "uninstall selected 3rd-party plugin" option!
(also ensuring that default Nullsoft plugins cannot be uninstalled this way)

Update : Sep 2001
The MP3Pro plugin messes up vorbis streaming

Update : Dec 2001
mp3pro messes up seeking with Xing & LAME VBR files

Update : Jan 2002

New MP3Pro plugin 1.0


Changes since version 0.98b5 BETA
� complexity reductions
� using Nullsoft's original file editor capabilities
� bugfix for disabling the plugin for .mp3 files
� bugfix for Xing-VBR Header reading
� workaround for playlists with invalid entries

No confirmation yet about whether it still steals Vorbis http streaming.

Update : Aug 2002

New MP3Pro plugin 1.1

bug: displays all song times in playlist as 0:00
Note: tested on WA 2.7x only, not WA 2.8x

v1.0 currently still available

7) WildTangent visualizer & games

For all known issues relating to WildTangent plugins, please refer to the relevant section in TSGH -> Useful Links

8) BeesKnees TitleBar plugin : gen_bktb.dll

Win2k/XP incompatibility:
i) Winamp closing when clicking/bringing other windows to foreground.

ii) The instruction at "0x6572243e" referenced memory at "0x6572243e". The memory could not be "read".

Visit the author's site for the Win2k/XP compatible version of the plugin.

The Win9x version is not very Win2K friendly - it suffers from nasty latencies, so I've produced a version customised for Win2K....

9) PureLyrics plugin
Memory leak bug when connecting to Shoutcast streams, as reported here

10) Veritas CD Burner Plugin (was included with Winamp 2.78c Full setup)

Skins menu appearing in playback menu in 2.78c (Veritas CD Burner plugin bug)
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=70944 (bookmark list)

* Fixed in latest Winamp 2.78c Full
- uploaded: 7th Jan 2002
- Removed as from v2.79 - buggy (?) plugin still available separately.

11) MoodLogic plugin

Skins not working/recognized under Winamp 2.79
As reported here

Skin menu appearing under wrong menu and sections of GUI messed up.
As reported here

12) WebAmp plugin

Incompatibility with Win2k Server running IIS (Internet Information Service)
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