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READ If you plan on Using BUGZILLA

I'm here to write this, since recently 95% of the bugs filed on Bugzilla have been Dupes of already KNOWN issues or are INVALID.

BEFORE YOU Do anything on Bugzilla, If you have a CRASH BUG, in which Winamp 3 crashes:

SEND A TALKBACK REPORT With all the info possible. BEST way to get it fixed.

If you get weird crash errors, all the time:


If you get ID3 tag weird characters thats cause:
INTERNATIONALIAZTION is still being worked on.

DO NOT file bugs about them.

WE know about them!

ALSO NO MORE "We want this like winamp 2.80" Crap.

Everything has been asked WAY before you though of it or it will be Marked Invalid.

IMPORTANT: About thinking you have found a bug, Before you make a report do the following.

USE the QUERY In Bugzilla and search for what bug You THINK you have found. If it appears, then DO NOT report yours.

IF you CANNOT use the query then you shouldn't be using Bugzilla.

To Recap:

On Crash: Send TalkBack Report. NO BUGZILLA
On Winamp 2 Requests: SIT TIGHT AND BITCH IN THE forums all u want.
On Internationalization: Sit tight for Newer Builds. NO BUGZILLA

Can't use Query on Bugzilla?
DON'T USE BUGZILLA and waste everyones time filling out already known bugs and/or Feature Requests.


READ: COMMONLY ASKED "Is This a Bug?" Known Bug List.

All of the below are..

LET me stress this enough ALL OF THEM



SO DO NOT Report or be EATEN By Bugzilla! and your ass kicked by the devs and me wanting to help.

Here they are The Most Commmonly KNOWN Bugs, that people make a thread about daily.

(In No Specific Order)

1) Tabbing in the ID3 editor.

2) Lack of Icons to pick from like 2.8

3) Missing Spectrum things: Fire ect....

4) Natural or Multimedia Keyboards not working

5) All languages other than English MAY NOT display properly that includes track names and ID3 tags..

6) Moving the up and down arrow keys will cause the volume slider to move when its not supposed 2.

7) The godamn J key is coming back so DO NOT file bugs. Its not a bug but an enhancement.

8) Anything to do with Dual Displays.

9) Upside down video or just sound and no picture.

10) Winamp 3 is 2 slow? get a better pc than a p66-350 or use winamp 2 until you can afford a new pc (system-specific bugs on newer systems are being looked into)

11) CDDB lookups only happen once.

12) Resizing any windows like about or media info.

13) More options.. Configuration registery coming soon

14) That cool color changing thing in older builds.

That's it for Now.

Note: Any Crash bugs should be sent via Talkback..
If you want it fixed send a talkback.
THAT way the devs can SEE what caused the crash exactly and they don't have you attacked with the winamp whipping boys squad.

If your bug shows up on here the DEVS KNOW about it. And when they fix it they do.

Thats life and enjoy what you have now and look forward to better in the future.

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