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Firstthings1stt banned?

You don't say?
What did he do? (like I have to ask anyway)
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He was a bot. See m0e's recent posts about him. That will explain it.

Just noticed that the threads those messages were in are deleted.
So my first message is moot.

I came for the hatred.
I stayed for the ballbag.

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Never seen a bot as clever as him.
Well, clever...
Never seen a bot making that amount of grammar errors as him.
God loves you all.

never mind...
ignore my grammatical errors

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I guess that's why I can't access the "I'm Sory! , Sorry? , I must admit that I do need help." anymore.

Well, thank goodness he/it is gone.

I started thinkin' he was a troll or something.

Oh, and uh, in regards to my last comment in that thread, pardon my language.
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he was nuked for being either one of the following, take your pick:

1) a bot
2) a spammer
3) an attempt at abusing google pagerank
4) a troll

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Originally posted by CraigF
2) a spammer
4) a troll
Fits the criteria...
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shame the subject itself can't be banned so easily - planet would be fooking better of..


Agre's with sqak
2) and 4) fit's the criteria most aptly...

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