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Exclamation How to get help? Nobody ever responds..

How do you get support as of late? John B. is gone, per another thread, who was our direct contact. I've sent countless emails to support@shoutcast.com and never get any replies.

- We were promised access to the ad delivery system where you can schedule in your own inventory. This is promoted on the monetization pages (http://www.shoutcast.com/Monetize), but supposedly this feature isn't available yet. Been promised this tool going back to October 2015. Still waiting, since most of the time we have no ads playing from TS.

- Ad sets play PSAs or no ads at all most of the time. This cuts our revenue potential to almost nothing. Why is this, when TargetSpot's own website implies they are a large network?

- Other stations sampled seem to play more ads than my own. (But they use "TargetSpot - TargetSpot" as track title, not "Advert:", so unsure if this might be a direct relationship with TS?)

- How to remove unused stations from RMO. I tried deleting myself, but get the error that you cannot delete a Streamonomy station. These stations, which are not actively broadcasting, still list in the Shoutcast YP, and we'd like the unused ones removed.

- How to delete the fallback file? We want the fallback file removed, but the "Remove" button does nothing.

- Why that in late December, one of my stations was "hijacked" by a totally different station when tuning in. It would redirect to a different mountpoint altogether, despite our encoders properly streaming to the correct place, with no errors on our end.

- My solution to the last one was to create a "new" station in RMO to bring us back online, as support emails went unanswered.

Anyone want to chime in? Been waiting since the last week of December for help from Shoutcast.
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Countless emails? Really?
I see two, and I replied to the 2nd one earlier today :-)

ps. John is gone but not forgetten.
Someone has taken over his position (see email).
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