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MP3 track times wrong

Hey Folks,

I program the playlist for a small community radio station. Many of the MP3 files on our playlist are downloaded from websites.

Lately I've come across some files that seem to download fine, but when I enqueue them the track time is much greater than it should be. The time is as expected in our folders but once they're copied to Winamp the track's time balloons.

Any info on what may be happening and how to correct it will be greatly appreciated.
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I'm no expert but I think you'll find that the ones with the wrong times will be encoded with a variable bitrate (VBR), Someone with a bit more technical knowledge might come along & explain why.

Easiest solution to this would be to re-encode those ones with a constant bitrate (CBR).
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Thanks Alrock. I just did a quick search on VBR, CBR and conversion, and this is not a trivial topic. Assuming this is the way to go, the least I'd have to do is add another program to the computer and learn to use it.
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The MP3 encoding standard can be applied in various ways which are all technically correct. Winamp expects a certain set of options and is not designed to handle all the variations. Winamp may have issues with some mp3s that other mp3 players do not.

There are often header and other structural differences in mp3s downloaded from websites. I use the following apps to examine and try to fix mp3s with these kind of differences. Always make a copy of the original mp3s before attempting a fix.

1. MP3 Diags (http://mp3diags.sourceforge.net/)
2. MP3val (http://mp3val.sourceforge.net/)
3. VBRfix (http://home.gna.org/vbrfix/)

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