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My First: AfterShock Analog http://www.warpflyght.com/skins/AfterShockAnalog.zip

It was intended to be the first in a series of two skins... AfterShock Analog and Digital. I finished the series, of course. I thought it looked pretty cool when I finished it. I now see some things I need to fix... Many fixes were done in my second skin. I intend to release a remake of this skin patterned on the elements of Digital.

My Second: AfterShock Digital http://www.warpflyght.com/skins/AfterShockDigital.zip

I consider this to almost be the same as my first, because I conceived the idea for this skin originally, and then came up with the gold background for Analog, and converted the project from Digital to Analog. This skin, though, is much better, and was completed after many months of thinking about it. Actually, there isn't a single component from the original skin included in this one... It's rebuilt from the ground up, designed to look the same, but yet be cleaner.

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My first skin was to represent my website - it really makes you want to see it, eh?
I know it looks totally like a Skinner.exe skin but I actually adjusted quite a lot of it and did the MB then made it a zip file (only discovered how to change to .wsz recently).

Not on winamp.com for obvious reasons. No real reason for it to even be on my site but it is. Snap it up quick before I do a redesign and pull it (sometime this decade).

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