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i have no idea as to visualization creation, but ive always loved the the Great visualizations in winamp.....seems much more artistically done than other players.....i love just zenning out to em.....fer real that stuff is like what i percieve through meditation....and is no doubt probably inspired by such experiences...

anyway the whole reason i joined this here forum was to suggest the creation of a visualization based on the film the Abyss [(twentieth cent fox) i think 1989]...based on the part where the extra terrestrial takes Bud into the tunnel... thing now just the tunnel would be cool but to harness the theme of the movie i say put in the alien towing the deep sea diver(bud) trough the trippy cool iridecent tunnels!......
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hmm sounds interesting.
the theme should be simple to recreate so long as i don't have to do the 3d stuff.
what would be nice to know is what part of the movie did you want visualized?

As far as idiots go i'm not sure.
But as far as genius goes again i'm not sure. Now when it comes to imagination now thats another story.
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Same as you. I think visualizations in WinAmp is the most artistic visualization on a media player ever.
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