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Registering same OCX with 2 apps busted (REGDLL issue?)


I have 2 apps that both install and register the same OCX (windows). The first installs and uninstalls it this way:

- !insertmacro InstallLib REGDLL 0 NOREBOOT_NOTPROTECTED "n1mm\N1MM-files\XMMT.ocx" "$INSTDIR\XMMT.ocx" "$INSTDIR"
- !insertmacro UnInstallLib REGDLL SHARED NOREMOVE "$INSTDIR\XMMT.ocx"

the second installs and uninstalls it this way:


$INSTDIR is different for each app.

When the 2nd app is uninstalled (via UnregDLL) the first one seems to get busted. I am thinking I should be using the InstallLib macro just as with the first app.

Can someone confirm that this should work?
Is it a supported scenario that the same typelib/dll is registered twice?
What if the second ocx file is deleted manually? or does windows do all the magic behind the covers in the registry?
Would the first apps registration have to be changed to or just the second?

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As a follow up question:

If I have a shared dll used by 2 un-related applications, do I also need to push the dll/ocx into the System32 folder? I usually try not to do that as I do not think it is good practice, but is this required if I use InstallLib SHARED in NSIS?

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SHARED uses HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs to know if a file is used by multiple applications/installs. UnRegDLL will always unregister, you have to use InstallLib SHARED for shared files and/or shared COM/OLE registrations.

If your target is WinXP+ you can use registration free COM and avoid registering anything if you want a local copy of the dll/ocx in your application folder...

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