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Ipod Playlist options

I have an older version Ipod that I manage with Winamp. I was able to remove a playlist be right clicking and a menu would pop up. Nothing happens when I right click on playlists on the device now. I still get a menu if I right click on playlists in my winamp media library, but not the device playlists. I have the most recent version of Winamp. This is the first time I have tried to delete a playlist from the device since I updated. Any suggestions?
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In case you still have this problem, here's what you should do:
- when you are in the "Media library" window of winamp, click the unwanted playlist from your iPod, then press Delete on the keyboard. Simple as that

Hope it helps! Cheers
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That is brilliant!

I can't thank you enough for your advice, although now that I know how simple it was, I feel a little foolish. I have spent HOURS trying to figure out how the hell to delete the numerous playlists that had long since been emptied and deleted from the IPod itself, but still remained in the side panel on Winamp. It was driving me crazy! Then I read your incredibly simple advice, and sure enough, I have managed to get rid of them in seconds. Thank you so much!

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I figured I would hop on this topic since my question is also about playlists. Is it no longer possible to arrange files in a playlist stored on an ipod in the newest version of Winamp? I used to be able to drag the files in the playlist to rearrange them. This is no longer working. Am I missing something?

Thanks so much for your help!
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Yes, the dragging/rearranging of device playlist items in the media library used to be a feature in previous releases...
I know it was a bit buggy and caused Winamp to sporadically crash, or playlists to sometimes be erased/corrupted,
though I'm not sure if that was the reason why it was disabled.
The change of behaviour took place somewhere during the 5.7 beta phase,
probably with the Cloud playlist changes (which aren't included in 5.666).
I did mention it to the relevant devs at the time, but.maybe it can be looked at again....?

Sorry :-(
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