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random/shuffle songs in the library

hi there,

i haven't found a solution for my problem, so i'm asking here: My basic goal is to copy copy randomly chosen randomly chosen songs to my iriver. the library seems to have no randomize/shuffle option so i can't copy songs from there to my player. the playlist on the other of course does have the randomize option, but (i think) i can only copy one single song at a time to my mp3-player.

so it is either:
- copying without randomizing or
- copying with randomizing but only one song at a time...

is there any way to have both?


(Win XP, Winamp 5.05)
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How exactly are you copying songs to your iRiver using the playlist editor?

Perhaps this'll help:
You can select multiple items in the playlist editor at once by holding Shift or Control.
Shift to select a whole range of items, Control to select several single items.

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i actually have no idea what i did wrong there (probably only using the mouse?)... anyhow: that solved it!


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You could use the ml_pmp Autofill feature. It will select random songs to fill your device to xx% of the capacity. You can configure in the device settings in the Winamp preferences.

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