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Plugin compilation project settings

I have a problem loading my plugin on other PCs.

In Visual Studio 2012 I set project configuration to "Release" and compiled my plugin dll.

When I sent my plugin to another computer or to clean virtual OS, Winamp doesn't load it. However, other third party plugins load and works well.

In Winamp "Preferences" window I see "NOT LOADED" message.

And log file \AppData\Roaming\Winamp\winamp.log contains error:
[] [error] Error when loading the plugin 'gen_wa_plugin.dll'! Error code : 126!
Error 126 - means that specified module could not be found.

There seems to be a problem with dependencies.

In "C/C++ -> Code Generation" settings I found "Runtime Library" option. Now it has "Multi-threaded DLL (/MD)" value .

Should i change it to "Multi-threaded (/MT)"? Or any other settings?

I downloaded some WACUP plugin sources from github and in Release configuration this option is equal to "Multi-threaded DLL (/MD)".
That means that these plugins will have dependencies and Winamp won't load them either. But plugins like waveseek works well. Maybe developers forget to change this option to "/MT" in public projects? I don't understand.

So I want to ask plugin developers what Visual Studio project settings should be to compile release version of my plugin to help Winamp to loads it on other PCs?
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