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Public relays from private sources

This issue seems to have come about during the changeover to the new YP infrastructure.

A common broadcasting topology is for a station to provide its own private shoutcast servers to act as relay hubs. Then all of the public relays connect to the private hubs, without exposing the private hubs' IP addresses and ports. Until recently the public relays would list on the YP as long as they were set to public, and would cluster properly as long as they were relaying off of the same private host. Now broadcasters are unable to list their stations in the YP unless the private relay hubs have been set to public. Otherwise, YP responds with:

[yp_add] yp.shoutcast.com gave extended error (Relay url could not register. Try by making primary source public or wait till primary registers.)

For stations like ours, it exposes part of our infrastructure that we would prefer to keep non-public. For broadcasters who use something other than Shoutcast for their relay hubs, this prevents them from being listed in YP even if they use Shoutcast servers set to public for their public relays.

Was this intentional, and is there a resolution being worked on?

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It's intentional. I don't know why. I work around it by transcoding in a data center to my public servers. Although it's possible that this new rule could be reconsidered, the push seems to be towards SC2 and sc_trans so I'm not holding my breath.

I'd plan to work within these new rules. Makes life less stressful
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Big problem is that it opens the primary up for attack, if you can exhaust the primary of resources then the relays will have problems. Even if you lock the primary to X users and have X relays it is still not as safe as being hidden when a competitor with no morals wants to try and knock you out.

Your mileage may vary!
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