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Deskmod skin reviewers

i hate how if u make a winamp 3 skin squared (meaning like winamp 2) they automatically cut u down. well not all the time. theyll say
"hey this is nice,but it looks like a winamp 2 skin" or theyll say what this is for 3 i thought it was a winamp 2 skin. I LIKE THE WINAMP 2 SKINS. i dont like much of the weird wavey skins. just because u can make weird skins dosnt mean all skins have to be that way or must be 3d with the best graffics. who cares if i cant spell. i guess alot of the deskmod skin reviewers think that if i looks like or is somewhat identicle to winamp 2 IT SUCKS.

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Check out the results of this poll so far.

It still seems to me like there's a big problem with HUGE ego's,
getting in the way of WA3 skinning.
That's to bad...
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I agree with papadoc. Seems like people spend more time arguing over who's better than actually doing any skinning in the wa3 skins forum.

As for the deskmod reviewers, well, theyre entitled to their opinion. But when we start publishing wa3 skins here we'll be doing our best to keep it nice and fair.
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i hope so
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