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My stay in Japan must have ruined my sense of sarcasm, cause if that ain't sarcasm i don't know what is....
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Originally posted by Phyltre
I get it. You're saying that we should blame entire communities for where they live, and rub it in their faces that their lack of money keeps them from going to an area with greater opportunities.

Then, we should tell them that had they "jumped ship" at the appropriate time (which could have been two years ago, or seventy-five years before their birth) they wouldn't have this problem. And that anyone who doesn't move because they want to stay near family is nothing more than a socialist. And that really, they have no one to blame but themselves.

It's not like there weren't warning signs posted around the neighborhood saying that soon the place wouldn't be economically advantageous..
I'm not saying we should do that. I'm saying that's the capitalist thing to do. It's what sets you apart from that Damn Commie Menace.

I don't recall ever saying it was my opinion.

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