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Problem with On-The-Go Playlist + Screenshots

First I want to say that English is not my first language, so excuse me for any mistakes
Second Please spare some time to read this - I really need help.
Thank you

I am using:
Windows XP Pro SP2
Winamp 5.094
ml_ipod ver.1.21 - 7/18/2005
iPod 20GB B/W Screen
Software Version - iPod Updater 2005-06-26 (the last one_
iPod Services is running.

So I have about 3400 song on my iPod and with the ml_ipod plugin I created 2 Smart Playlists. Then I disconnect it and with the click wheel I start to select songs (with the select button) and add them in On-The-Go playlist (from current 2 active playlist or from Songs/Artists). Then I go inside On-The-Go playlist and Save It. It appears with the name - New Playlist 1.

I connect the iPod to the PC and when I open Media Library in Winamp the playlist isn't there (just the old ones I've created with the PC). When I check J:\iPod_Control\iTunes inside there are 2 files previously missing:
OTGPlaylistInfo - 0KB
OTGPlaylistInfo_1 - 1KB
I assume that these are the new playlist I've created with the iPod.
I found something strange as well. So this playlist doesn't appear in Winamp Media Library, so I open iTunes but there you can't see no playlists at all. I close iTunes and go again to Winamp ML and NOW you can see the playlist there and these 2 files in :\iPod_Control\iTunes are missing. So it seems that iTunes does something in order Winamp to display the playlist created with Winamp.

I hope that wasn't difficult to understand

What I really wanna do is - this iPod is my mother's player. I've created some Smart Playlists for her, but she doesn't like some of the song inside the playlists. I've told her that whichever song she likes to add it in On-The-Go playlist with Select button for 2-3 seconds (the line should blink). Then I just want with Winamp to rename that newly created playlist with the song she does like and delete the original one (with all the songs), but the problem is that I can't see it inside Winamp ML and sometimes it accidently gets deleted - I can't catch the way it acts - tried changing the settings, but this doesn't help.
Currently my settings are:

syncquery=filename ENDS ".mp3"
autofillquery=length > 60
I just want to say that I really don't like iTunes as software and I uninstalled it yesterday - so if possible let's just stick to ml_ipod and Winamp

Here are some screenshots:

The files in J:\iPod_Control\iTunes

Winamp Media Library:

iPod Screen showing Playlists:

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Anybody Plase?
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I can't help with your problem,
but i would suggest that she use ratings ( one star thru 5 ) to signal which songs she likes
then u can add another critera to the smart playlist (where "My Rating" >= 3 ) to play the songs she likes more
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