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Disk Writer Issues

I have a custom built computer, so i'll tell you what I remember when i built it, has a Pentium 4 3.0 Gig processor with 1 gig ram, use Windows XP with SP 2 and Winamp 5.11 Pro. 2 burners Samsung something or other and Mitsumi something or other.

This is my 1st time posting but have used the search feature in the past to reslove other issues.

Whats happening is before i was getting errors wanting to shut down winamp and send a report to Microsoft whenever i tried to burn, solved that with info form these forums by turning off my equalizer and all visualization plug ins, well now i try to play an MP3 on winamp and the slider goes thru a whole song in 2 to 6 seconds and i get no sound at all, same issue with vids. when i double click on the song already going on winamp, i get an error message from Nullsoft disk writer asking if i'm sure i want to overwrite file, i have to click OK to get it to do anything.

now after letting winamp sit on my desktop for 20 min not doing anything it will finally let me play MP3's again

Well i'm NOT burning, why does it keep going to disk writer? how do i turn it off when i need to so i can use my player?

I've been a winamp user as long as i've been a computer user, and refuse to use anything else... I've even brought ppl over from the dark side.

let me know if you need anything else to figure this out (and giving instructions like you were talking to a 6 year old would help as well).

Thanks and keep up the good work, this forum has been a godsend since i found it

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I've split your post from the "Post all 5.1 plugin bugs here" thread. Please don't revive old/dead threads (latest version is 5.111).

Prefs > Plugins > Output: Select "DirectSound Output" instead of DiskWriter.
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