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WinAmp Pro Android Track Skipping

This is a strange problem and only happens in certain instances. First, I am a developer, so I tend to reduce these issues to behavior related activities.

The issue is that at times when I pick up my HTC Evo (used as an MP player only - I use an iPhone for the phone) to ready myself for a bike ride, I sometimes have to spend 30 minutes messing with it to keep it from acting as if it is in "SCAN MODE". This is what I call it when it acts as if it's searching tracks like an FM radio searches for stations.

It will play the first track for 30 seconds, then switches to the second, plays it for less than 30, then each track after this plays successively shorter segments until it is skipping every 2 seconds to the next song.

Is this some strange setting? What is going on here? It always happens when I least expect it, and usually if I have been fumbling with the unit with a sweaty palm in my pocket, I have to be careful.

I have replaced he playlists numerous times (213 songs) and limited it to a single Music Playlist, which appears to be the standard one.

In spite of this, 95% of the time this is the best player on earth, but the 5% makes me want to chuck it. I usually kill the services and then play the standard player (no equalizer - dull tones) and later after the ride is over, WinAmp works fine.

This is WinAmp Pro for Android on an HTC Evo. I can't figure out how to look at the version so I have no clue other than it was bought about a month ago.

You guys could improve your Help system, that's for sure. Knowing how to find the version shouldn't require a doctorate. I have searched for this in Google "android winamp version" and came back with totally useless links for buying WinAmp.

Thanks for any help that can be offered.

Curtis Fisher
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It's still doing this since yesterday. I tell you what, WinAmp team. This is pretty poor service for a paying customer. I pay for applications that work - I'll remove WinAmp Pro from all my devices in the next 24 hours if I don't see a response.

I guess I'll just buy an IPod!
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Just seen this. Sorry for the late reply!

Is the latest version installed, currently v1.4.11?

What's the Android OS?

What Notification Bar type setting are you using?

If you've changed it, try changing it back to the default "Basic" setting (instead of e.g. Player Controls Advanced)

When the problem occurs, have you noticed if any extra apps/processes are running in the background which aren't normally running?
(e.g. a virus scanner etc)
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Thanks, yes, I found the version 1.4.11. HTC Evo Android 2.3.5 and what is a Notification Bar? This is an Android, not a PC version.

Start from the beginning please. I have no idea how to change this, I just want it to play the music and quit screwing up. I can tell you the interface is designed for complex play, but the settings are very hard to remember because there are application settings and then different settings for the equalizer and the gains and this is just an issue with a loop that is probably event based.

You may think this guy is a typical user, but if the application has a skin that affects it this way, then why do it at all?

The phone is stripped down, Sprint without service. All I do is use it for AIR development and playing my music. There is no magic service I can delete when this happens to fix it. Sorry, but I'm a little frustrated with the entire thing.
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The "Notification Bar Type" setting can be found via:
Winamp app > homescreen > Menu button > Settings

The default setting is "Basic"

If you don't know about that setting, then chances are that you've never changed it.

There's been reports that changing this setting to use the Player Controls/Advanced causes choppy playback for some users.

However, the Player Controls are only available on ICS/JellyBean, not Android OS 2.x,
so it won't be this which is causing the problem.

The "None" & "Basic" settings are available under all Android OS's.
There's also been some reports of the "None" setting causing choppy playback.
However, these issues are meant to be fixed with v1.4.11....

So when the problem occurs, if you go to (under OS 2.3.x):
Android settings > Applications > Running Services,
you don't see any extra background process running which might be responsible for the problem?

Which other Pro features are you using? EQ? ReplayGain?
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I've used winamp for over 10 years now and never experienced any trouble till now. I have about 50GB of music locally and I put it all and make one giant playlist. 99.x% songs work just fine, except for some which winamp can't seem to locate, as if they were moved or deleted after the playlist was initialized, even though the songs are there and completely functional.

Android Developer.
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have you checked the links in the m3u playlist using a text editor to see where the skipping tracks are pointed to? and checked if the path is correct and the filename is correct.

usually i find this happens when I rename files, or hack a playlist with another old playlist.

and is this about winamp for android or winamp for windows?(which are completely different products)....

50GB locally on your android phone? in one playlist?
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