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i love milkdrop

How many people have said THAT before? LOL

No seriously, milkdrop is unreal And you guys are f'in geniuses all. I've just gotten a new computer so I can finally get decent framerates with MD2 and damn that s*** looks tight on my new screen. The new stuff thats been posted here since the release of MD2 is just unbelievable.. My mind is blown! :P

I have a few questions which i posted in the main forum not realizing that all of the activity is actually here. Since no one replied I'm cross posting. And they've prob been answered before but I searched and couldn't come up with anything. So.. sorry, eh?

First question, is it possible to change the frequencies that milkdrop senses, for 'bass', 'mid' etc..? I notice that the frequencies that are called 'bass' are actually mids, or even highs. Silly! I would have thought 'bass' should be lower than 120 hz, but it isnt, its set much higher than that. So certain low frequencies such as minimal techno kick drums or drum and bass basslines go completely undetected.

Second question: How does one adjust for changing screen size when coding per-pixel equations..? In the first preset I made, it looks perfect at 1920x1200 (pixels drift in towards the center and out towards the edges) but when not in fullscreen it behaves differently (pixels only drift out), not how i want. Is there a way to account for this?

Thanks, all.

I'm attaching my silly preset if you care to look. It really can't begin to compare to the brilliance regularly posted here.

PS What is your favorite music to run milkdrop to?
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oh a new one - hi.
nice debut man. you did "the ring" - you know the urban legends of the curse? just kidding

first, impressive that you just started with a color based movement. thats one of the coolest reinforcements to the old Milkdrop.

anyways there's one thing that i have corrected for you.
in your last warp shader code line you tried a -0.001 decrement.
Color values come in 8bit for each channel and a subtraction of a value minor 1 bit has no effect. the smallest entity you could subtract is 1/256 = 0.0039 or better 0.004. (admittedly i noticed that the ATI HD chips seem to have a little higher accuracy but 0.004 is still the best bet)

on your first question: No.
on your second question: with texsize.zw you took the dimensions for one pixel. with the applied decay that means the color will fade out within the the distance of 256 pixels (plus the applied warp from the per-vertex calculation)
actually i have no screen to check it in high resolutions but i guess your problem comes from the fact that the pre-warp-shader movement stays constant with the resolution while pixel-based movement become finer with higher resolutions - and at some point it can't steer against the motion

and you can say fuck and shit here, the moderators have gone years ago...
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welcome dude!

good job on that preset too, i just added some twirl to it and moved the waves around and it still looks nice, very milky!

my fav music to make presets to is anything by my mate autyren (myspaceDOTcom/autyren) theres a tune of his in this preset video which you can use if you set winamp to linein://


i like using those tracks because the treb and mid really stand out well and create nice responses

i hadnt realised that about using bass_att, if theres a solution of any kind id be curious to know how to pick it out more, maybe try bass_att * 5 or something
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ahh, nope. That will just modify the end value of bass_att, not what it samples from.

Here... I've got a prototype for warp code in composite shader... Have a bite:

Edit: oh, and as for music fitting to milkdrop... I prefer Tool, Porcupine Tree, 1200 Micrograms, Shpongle...

Something dynamically psychedelic usually does the trick, although sometimes some Tom Waits madness fits perfectly...

I am the purple heathen.

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welcome newb!
1) Ya the FFT milkdrop uses kinda craps out on the lower end, I'm pretty sure the values are coming out, but the bass var is more than just the sum of the bass spectrum, it smooths the waves out alot before the fft and does other calculations with the output of the fft too, plus its a wide spectrum that gets summed up so the often narrow pulse of techno bass will get averaged with a bunch of zeros in the lower voice range.

I think ryan did it that way because the output of the fft by itself plugged into zoom looks like ass, but zoom = 1 - bass_att*.01 is almost tolerable. I think that decision should be the preset artists so when I was working on the betas I made the sound(freqmin,freqmax) function so you could dissect the data yourself(it was still rounded 'cause doing the fft twice would be bad), but alas that wasn't included in version 2...

Of course I don't think bass,mid and treb should ever be used directly, only to create control variables and run beat detection.. but that's a whole nother thread, btw check out the old threads on beat detections, some good stuff! although I'm not sure if there's ever been a thread about music reaction.. even though that's more important.. but oh well, off my soap box.

2) flexi's answer + in per_frame there are some vars for that aspect maybe? aspectX? dunno but its in the documention, its just the aspect ratio ya need to multiply by.. i think.. haven't seen the code that does that.

Oh and take your shoes off and stay awhile, dont let my rants scare ya away i'm just disgruntled
There may be some pretty cool shit coming down the pipe.. of course last time that pipe was like 4 years long but... still there is light somewhere in the general vicinity of the end of the tunnel.

sorry for length, been a long day...

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