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Increasing Framerate

I notice in the PC specifications discussion in the Milkdrop Presets forum that 90fps is the optimum framerate for Milkdrop.

I only get around 60fps for everything and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of things I could do to increase it.

PC Specs:
Athlon XP 2600+
1GB RAM (single channel)
RADEON 9800 Pro 256MB
onboard Realtek AC '97 sound

Milkdrop Settings:
X-RGB 1600x1200@120Hz
Max framerate - Unlimited
Multisampling - 6x
No page tearing
No fake fullscreen
Mesh size - 128x96
Texture size - 2048x2048

The thing is, that no matter what I set my resolution, mesh size, texture size, multisampling, etc to, I only get a framerate of 60fps, sometimes as much as 62.

I'm using WinAmp5 with pretty much all the presets I can find, so where am I going wrong?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

And thanks to the folks that made all these fantastic presets. I'm still working my way through them

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that is your reresh rate thing it cannot get 120fps 120hz so updates the screen on the next cycle so half that 60hz

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Thanks. I've managed to get a framerate of around 80 on *some* of the presets thanks to that

So, am I right in assuming that it's my monitor settings that are holding me back on this one? My monitor is pretty old (and cheap) and I'm pretty sure that the graphics card should be able to handle anything Milkdrop can throw at it.

I'm planning to get a new monitor at some point in the not-too-distant future anyway, so this will give me a much needed kick up the a**e to go out and do it, hehe
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20 bucks says you're running windows XP.

There's a bug with XP and directX, and video drivers - DirectX applications will always set your monitor refresh rate to 60Hz. There are various programs available to fix it (both official and unofficial). Google for "XP refresh fix" to find something to your taste.

That being said, if you set Milkdrop to allow page tearing, then you'll get all the fps your computer can pump out. The only time you'll actually see page tearing is on very fast-moving presets. I mean, really, really fast. And even then, you might not always notice.

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Yup, running XP, but I was able to set my refresh rate to 120hz via the advanced display properties tab anyway. Maybe the detonator drivers?

Thing is, I didn't realise that different resolutions had different 'sets' of refresh rates. Have now changed to 1280x1024@180Hz and things are running a lot more smoothly. Still not hitting 90 for most things, but a lot are now over 60.

Thanks for the help guys
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