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My audio library list somehow got added to my playlist!

I have my audio library list & then I have a separate playlist (have had it for years) that has 4300 titles in it that I play as background music, relaxation & whatnot...Some how the huge master list got added to the fun list (tacked on at the end)!! How can I remove or batch-delete the unwanted tracks without losing my original playlist?? (I have both a HTML copy and an M3U copy of my fun list, just in case)...I have my main library list, but I want my 4300 Fun List back without the other 114400!!! How can I delete the unnecessary list & save my Fun List (which still plays perfectly)??

Do I have to delete the unwanted titles one-at-a-time, by hand?? This is gonna be hell...

Please answer ASAP & Soonest...Thank you...
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If the unwanted tracks are all at the end then it should be an easy matter to load the playlist, select the first track you want to remove, then scroll down and, while holding down the shift key, click on the last track.

This should select all the tracks in between so you can just hit Del to remove them and re-save the playlist, maybe with a different name initially so you can check it.
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