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wish: playlist and mouse scroll issue

I have a rather awkward wish, but it has plagued me a lot. I didn't find anything helpful in the preferences and I have searched the forums for this issue and read the WA5 wishlist. I suspect I'm the first one.

First of all you have to understand how I use Winamp. I have the main window and the playlist window minimised most of the time - windowshade mode is always ON. And WA is always on top. WA resides at the top of the screen. Here's a screenshot to illustrate it for you:
This is very convenient IMHO.

If the playlist editor is selected and I use the mouse scroll, I actually scroll through the songs in the list and they start automagically playing! This has annoyed me for years.

For I often forget, that the playlist editor is selected, or I accidently click on the editor window instead of the main window and start scrolling with the idea of adjusting the volume or I just checked, what's coming on next etc. Happens often enough for me and I believe everyone hates it, when music is suddenly interrupted.

To sum up, here's the wish/request:
When the playlist editor is in windowshade mode and is selected, scrolling with the mouse would adjust the volume, instead of scrolling through the playlist and playing the songs.

I hope this is possible, maybe with an option.

Thanks for reading.
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