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volume control too linear

My volume control slider tends to hang about either at the left of the bar or at the right, with each pixel moved creating a too big difference in volume. I therefore have to use my speakers' volume knob to control the volume.

I suspect that the problem would be solved by making the volume change logarithmically rather than linearly. In other words moving the slider a certain fixed distance to right would double the volume, no matter where you start.

My winamp version is a couple of months old, so I apologize if this problem has been addressed. Otherwise, please let me know if there is something I can do about it. (This is something I have experienced on every computer's winamp I've used.)

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open the equiliser... and make it winshade(button next to to close on the EQ) the volume slider there is a tad larger

fixed in winamp3

because the skin's volume bar can be changed in length

no need to do anything drastic

if your new to winamp....stick to winamp 2.78 with this patch
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Well, Winamprocker's solution is ok,
ie. the volume slider is longer with the EQ in Windowshade mode,
but I don't really understand what the problem is

Both these volume sliders work in the same way, and I can't see how size/length can change anything behavior-wise.

You should be able to drag the volume slider with your mouse (left button)
or with the up + down kybd cursors (when main window is active)
and the volume should increase/decrease in increments of 1%
(or at the very worst, 2%)
where 0% is furthest left, and 100% is furthest right.

Are you saying that you can't do this on your winamp?
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