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Yes, that would help indeed. In the early days, ml_ipod was a fork of what would become libgpod later... so the roots are the same. If they managed to do it, it should be possible to add that to ml_ipod. If you are a C++ developer, you are more than welcome to go for it. Read the "developers corner" in the Wiki first, to get you started.

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I am indeed and I will do.

Looking at the libgpod source, it would seem iTunesCDB is nothing more than the first few hundred bytes of iTunesDB copied as is followed by the rest of it compressed with deflate() from zlib.

The only issue may be the version of zlib needed. I note unzip/zip.cpp contain some of zlib, but it looks intermingled with some other zip/unzip code and it could be we need a newer version.

Anyway, I will see how I get on after Christmas if no one else has done it by then.
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OH my, that would be really nice of you didster.
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a solution bypassing the database

Hi there

If apple constantly changes the database, wouldn't it be better trying to find a soulution that does not use the database?

I was thinking of an app like the "GoodReader". With GoodReader you can access the iPhone over http as a network place. just copy or drag the files to the network place and the files are on the iphone and can be viewed in the GoodReader app. Even audio and video files can be played!.

So if Winamp had a plugin that would syncronise with a network place you could use e.g. GoodReader to play the audio Files.

- you ned to sync over wifi
- you don't have a good audio player to e.g. search for artists etc. or handle playlists. But then maybe someone can be persuaded to create a nice app for that... :-) or goodiware (the programmers of GoodReader) might be interested to enhance the functionality of the audio player.

just a thoght...

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