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Problems compiling custom version of NSIS


Following is the machine environment:
1. Windows 7 64 Bit enterprise.
2. Python 2.6,
3. Scons 2.4.1,
4. On Scons prompt, ZLIB_W32 path set to C:\Dev\Zlib1.2.7
5. VS2013 professional.

Command used: scons SKIPUTILS="MakeLangId","NSIS Menu"

I am able to build the NSIS code which I download from svn link of the official NSIS site.
The problem starts when I want to add some cpp source / header files to the NSIS code to customize behavior.

I have added my cpp files in the sconstruct scripts at Contrib\system, Contrib\nsexec and Source\exehead.

The build output is attached. Also the sonctruct scripts which I have modified.

Thanks in advance.
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The build environments for the plugins and the exehead are C based, this is for compatibility with older systems by not using the CRT. You are trying to compile C++ code in a C environment, that's why you get all these errors about missing external symbols. If you can, try porting the code to C and then it will work.

Alternatively you can add the CRT to the list of libraries, but be aware that as soon as you do this, the installer will now require the MSVCRT redistributable package installed on the clients machine before the installer will even run, and installers that don't run are a major headache for the end user.

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MSVCRT does not exist in minimal installs of Windows 95. The math plugin at least links with some of the CRT .libs, you can look at its files for some hints on how to enable the CRT. Or just create a new project in Visual Studio and compile the plugins that way.

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Thanks a lot, everybody. We have chosen to go the C way and I am able to build it with my changes.

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