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Auto exit after playlist expires

Something i would love to see, is an option to auto close a visualization and/or winamp after the completion of a playlist.
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Have you tried looking for a plugin to do this?

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Already implemented via Jump to File Extra.
Load your playlist
Hit J to open JTF window
Click the large Search Mode button to switch to Manage Mode
Right click in window, select "load playlist into queue"
Load the same m3u/pls playlist again
Then right click in JTF window again, and select "On end of Queue > Close Winamp".
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Anyway pugnacious, your sig is too big.
from the rules
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Big-assed signature deleted by errr.. whats his name again??
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Alternatively, you can use my "ActiveWinamp" plugin, to insert a script item at any point in your playlist. When winamp gets to the item it will execute the script, which can do anything you like. There is an example script included which will close winamp.
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/edit My bad.
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Hmm, thats acually a pretty good idea if I do say so myself. It does that on a lot of media players, it'd be nice if My favourite did it too XD
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