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wasabi-sdk500-b3 || WAC's - Some Help Needed

I would be grateful if anyone could clarify a few questions on the wasabi-sdk500-b3 && WAC's. I appreciate my questions are fairly moronic if you know the answers, but I've done enough forum/google searching now. I've just used Winamp 2.0, with the bog standard skin, for about 5 years then about a month or two ago I decided to make my own gay classic skin. That's when I got back into the Winamp development vibe (and upgraded to v5 ). -- Side note: I just found my old v1/2 SDK and web docs, the documentation was better than it is now! -- Anyway it means I have only just come into mental contact with things like: maki, wacs, wasabi, free-form skins, etc. So, you can appreciate where I'm coming from, especially with the insane documentation aspect thrown in.

Q1. What are WAC's?

Can someone give me an overview of WAC's or give me a link to somewhere that does.

From looking at the SDK code and whatever other info I've gleaned I am thinking they are basically this: In code they are a c++ class object derived from existing wasabi classes or from your own class. They are built into a dll (.wac) and then used by winamp. Most parts of winamp are made from WAC's (not .wac files). The class can be accessed from a MAKI script. The other reason to make them is they can do 'different stuff' to what a plug-in can do.

Q2. Building with the wasabi-sdk500-b3

Amazingly -- 'coz I feel like a blind man walking on a cliff edge -- I can build bfc.lib, wasabi.lib, waclient.lib and just built my 1st WAC based on one of the examples. Even though I don't know what a WAC is or what you're supposed to do with it, etc!

Trouble is it won't build using <studio\wa5cfg> & waclient-wa5 only with <studio\wa3cfg> & waclient. Any tips or is this just coz wa5cfg ain't working in this SDK anyway?

I put the WAC I built in a seperate folder rooted where the other WAC's are. Winamp just crashes now when I switch to the modern skin, so I guess my wac is working nicely

No, seriously, is this because it's a v3 WAC not v5 or what? Any help about building WAC's appreciated.

Oh yeah, the WAC seems rather large, 450KB,for a hello world app. There's no debug code in it.

Cheers Dudes
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C'mon people, someone must at least know something about WAC's???
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WAC's are Wasabi Components, they were the plugins for Winamp3/Wasabi.Player, they are still usable in winamp5. BUT only when you are using a modern skin, and not ALL the functionality is still suported.
the sdk should build with wa5cfg.

you would be better off using the wa5 sdk and if you want callbacks, use window hooks. then it works with all skins and not just modern.
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Ta for the info.

Can WAC's be included in a skin file; to be a custom WAC only for that skin when it's active?
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noope, big security risk.

imagine a wac with a script object that was something like "playfromnetwork" but, it actualy installed a load of spyware on the system in the background.. soon as you load that skin.. bam.. your done for
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Mmmm... wasabi, or maybe NOT.

The Wasabi was only a small project that began When Nullsoft got bored one day. They decided to create yet another cross-platform code, cross-platform UI library (this is bascially what Wasabi is). But they never release a proper Linux version of the Library (based on Gtk+ and X-Windows) so it's still only usable on the Win32 platform.
Do NOT get involved in this project if you're not up for very hard work and a lot of trouble configuring your build system. The only other real useful program that uses Wasabi is ClipX - a clipboard history "tray application".

The Winamp 5's freeform skinning plugin (gen_ff.dll) actually uses Wasabi in order to display these skins. It's almost like a Wasabi framework neatly cutted and fitted for Winamp 5 so only skinning-related code works. They eventually needed to include more Wasabi code to get more skins working (some skins are actually little programs by themselves, alarm-clock, new visualizations, etc.).
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I can see that the Wasabi player seems to basically have disappeared- does anyonw know where I can DL the source?

mu'o mi'e .aionys.

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Id check out the leads from here, specifically the irc one.

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