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Winamp iPod support NOT working

I upgraded to winamp 5.23 today, and got rid of ml_ipod to give room to the "official" Winamp iPod support "plugin".

Saddly, it doesn't work well at all. It's completely broken. When I select a few files in a playlist, right-click and hit "Send to > IPOD" (I did not name my iPod), it shows me the "Portables" main window, with all files waiting to be "uploaded". Only problem is that the first track is always "-", and once it's done uploading "-", it won't go to the other enqueued songs.

Sometimes it works when sending a single file, but even that sometimes fails. All the songs on the playlist actually exist on my hard drive (checked them all). It seems that this "-" file appears randomly, and just makes winamp iPod support bug completely.

The worse part is that once this has happened, I cannot even remove the file from the enqueued files list. It just sits here even though I press "Remove Selected". I have to close and restart winamp to get it working again.

I'm not going to upload files one-by-one..I've got like 600 I want to put on the iPod directly. I also don't want to use iTunes.

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Get either EphPod (http://www.ephpod.com/), iGadget (http://www.ipodsoft.com/) or MediaMonkey (http://www.mediamonkey.com/). I used to use Winamp's native iPod support (not the ml_ipod) until Winamp 5.22 was released. The first time I tried to access my iPod through Winamp 5.22, it cleared the entire thing for absolutely no reason. Now I use EphPod, and it does a great job or transferring songs to my iPod. It also allows me to transfer songs from my iPod back to my computer, something that you can't do with iTunes (which is the worst of them all) or Winamp.
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Winamp, iPod support and easy fixes

I'm having similar problems with Winamp and iPod support.

First, as for Winamp's native iPod support erasing/screwing up your iPod, that was actually resolved here:


Here's what I did to fix mine awhile back, from that post by Panther37:

Open up windows explorer. Make sure you can see hidden folders.
Goto H:\iPod_Control\iTunes (H: is the drive letter of your iPod)
COPY iTunesDB.old to iTunesDB <- Please copy so you don't ruin your backup file.
Disconnect your iPod and enjoy.

My problem is with trying to play my iPod through Winamp. I used to be able to just press "play", hit shuffle and let it go. It'd randomize my 20+GB of music and go for it with no problem.

After 5.22, it seems that Winamp is trying to load my entire music collection into memory before playing! Task manager shows Winamp eating nearly half the CPU cycles and the memory just continues to be eaten. There's a memory leak there, somewhere...before, we could just click play and go. In an attempt to "fix" something, something else has been seriously "broken".

For the record, I'm using Winamp 5.23, the ml_ipod plugin (1.32, but I've seen the same functionality with Winamp's native plugin), XPSP2, P4 2.6Ghz, 1.5GB RAM. The iPod's connected through a Firewire 400 PCI card.
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I've given up on using Winamp for my iPod: I've got EphPod for that now. As for playing songs from your iPod through Winamp, a good workaround is to pull the connection to your speakers out of the back of your computer and plug your iPod into it . You won't need to use Winamp if you do this, and it will conserve RAM on your computer. I don't do this, since all my songs on my iPod are also on my computer, but it would certainly get the job done.
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Alas, plugging the iPod into my doesn't work for me.
I've got a FM broadcaster (RocketFM from Griffin Technology) and broadcast through all the FM radios in my house. That's why having Winamp play my shuffled-up music works for me.

I did notice something today. After about a minute, Winamp times out and crashes after trying to load all 20GB of music. I haven't had a chance to check the event logs...I'll check in a couple days and see if there's anything useful there. Doubt it, but I'll check.
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I just had the same problem trying to send from my playlist, funny thing is it seemed to work fine sending from within the media library
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