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Why do you like Winamp/Shoutcast?

Hey. I have a question for everyone, why do you like Winamp/broadcasting on Shoutcast? I like it because its fun and gives me something to do.
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I like it because it leaves me feeling satisfied and tired and a bit sweaty and warm and well ****** all up in my ****** *******.

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when for the first time you downloaded winamp into your computer, we wish it might be possible to show you how much this, the most versatile and so the most satisfying music player in all the world, can be made to entertain, to console and to inspire you.

To say that winamp offers you, your family and your friends "all the music of all the world" is to dismiss the subject with an entirely inadequate phase, and so this thread has been started to offer certain suggestions for your greater enjoyment of this, your newest, and we verily believe, your happiest possession.

Winamp 5.5 represents a moment of inspired achievement.

In the life of great artist, the skill, the art, and the "atmosphere" of Your favorite bands from around the world are brought in to your winamp. They are no longer things to be enjoyed only at great intervals or on rare occasions-- they may become an integral part of your life, to be returned to at a moment's notice.

We believe, utterly, that no matter with what delight you may have anticipated the possession your winamp, you will still have fallen far short of completely realizing its possiblities. To the extent in which, through the whole scale of human emotions, its music and plugins may become woven into the fabric of your physical and spiritual well-being.

Just as their are certain best condition for all instruments and recordings, so too there are certain "favorite" settings for winamp, and the search for those best conditions will be a source of many hours of pleasurable experimentation.

Intimately associated as we are with the development of winamp, yet we are fully concscious of the wonder of it; we have learned that amid "the daily round of irritating concerns and duties" we have only to turn to winamp in order to be once more be in love with life and its beauty.
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For Winamp, you have a wide variety of skins and plugins along with online services.

For Shoutcast, I like how it's unique in terms of the selections.
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Because I can have it docked a ticketbar [toolbar] at the top and always on top- and so I see what I am listening whatever it is I am doing [except when watching something in a fullscreen mode]

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Originally Posted by WhoseLineFan View Post
For Winamp, you have a wide variety of skins and plugins along with online services.

For Shoutcast, I like how it's unique in terms of the selections.
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I like Winamp because it was the first music player i tried,

I like Shoutcast for the amount of different stations some of them good, Some of them not so good.

It was Shoutcast that gave me the broadcasting bug way back in 1999 although it was 2002 before i got chance to DJ on a station.

I take a back seat these days as I'm no longer broadcasting but I still test software when new versions are available.

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People say I'm biased about RadioDJ

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My first music player was Winamp, I've got used to it and I cannot replace it, simple as that!
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love at first sight
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