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Lightbulb Plugins for Winamp Android

It looks like Winamp on Android doesn't support its PC cousin's plugins. Although I understand that the smartphone version won't be completely identical to the PC version, I think it would be a really good idea if the Android version supported the PC version's plugins - it's actually something I'd be prepared to pay for if it were in Winamp Pro. I use several plugins daily and without them, Winamp is Just Another Media Player.

Any plans to implement support for them?
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I can't see that happening without each plug-in developer recompiling their plugins for the Android Platform. And Winamp have no control over the decisions of the plugin makers.
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the Android version will never be able to support what is present in the desktop version even if there was a plug-in system for the Android version.

the design and implementation is completely different between the platforms and the nearest equivalent is trying to get a linux-based plug-in for XMMS to work in Winamp on Windows just by copy + pasting a new dll from one to the other i.e. it just won't work.

also i highly doubt seeing the Android version get any sort of plug-in system like the Windows version as the Android version appears to be specifically intended as a locked down system. maybe i'm wrong and someone actually working on it could clarify but that is how it appears to have been and will be going on.

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