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Some sort or surround sound

I have a very nice system and have it hooked up to my computer. I have lots of mp3s but they only come out of the front speakers. I have another music making program with surround sound that I make mp3's with and can listen to mp3's on. But I like winamp much better and can set it up so it comes out of all five speakers but is not true surround it is just the same thing coming out of all of them. So my wish list includes a 5.1 channel surround sound plug in. If there already is one please email me the link top where I can download it at justin2@maine.rr.com . Thanks.
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When pressing "J" if the playlist editor, I'd like to be able to jump by the assigned number in the playlist, along with the path & filename...
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mm autoplaylist

mmm this function seems to be great (in my oppinion)
making a playlist as winamp starts up frm a selected dir.
for example you put your downloaded mp3z in a dir. called mp3 than winamp reads that dt when yo start it up
(easy when dl-ing much files over internet)
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sort by genre

I recently switched from MusicMatch player and I am dissapointed that Winamp doesn't allow you to sort your music by genres. (In the playlist editor you should be able to originize songs by each genre type. That way, I can play the music to match my mode without having to scroll through and select all the songs I want to hear).

Is there any ways to do this on Winamp? I've been searching the forums and haven't found anything :-(
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There are mosr sorting options in Winamp3
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