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System.dll access violoation


After searching and trying the solutions if found here in the forum I still have the same problem.

I'm trying to call a dll file but everytime I try to call this dll I get an access violation.

The dll is copied into the temp folder

SetPluginUnload alwaysoff
# change dir to temp folder
SetOutPath $TEMP\AFTNStation
# call setupsupport dll
System::Call "setupsupport:NullSoftEntry(i 5)i .r0"
MessageBox MB_OK "result $0"
SetPluginUnload manual

Right now the dll looks like this:
LONG NullSoftEntry(LONG routineID)
return 0;

Anyone to help ?

Thx in advance,
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DLL procedure should have something like extern "C" (for cpp files) __stdcall __declspec(dllexport), i.e. PASCAL convention (may be not important for single param) and entry point should be visible (in the dependency walker, for example).
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It's very important, if the function accepts any parameters. If the wrong calling convention is used, the stack will get corrupted and the installer will probably crash.

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Hello Everybody,

thanks for your reply.
I found the error.

There was an error in the call statment I used only one colon instead of the necessary two

So instead of System::Call "setupsupport:NullSoftEntry()"
the right call was
System::Call "setupsupport::NullSoftEntry()"

Regards Jens
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