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Shoutcast Auto dj scheduler

Hi guys,

Please share your expertise.

Relevant info:
I am currently using Auto dj in the CentovaCast panel, to schedule my dj mixes and shows.
The music is all stored in the server space provided with the Shoutcast package I purchased, via the built in ftp, therefore I do not need a computer to be on.
I have scheduled shows that should run on advertised times, each day different shows.

I have tried all different possible playlists, I have studied the manual, I have tried all sorts of playlist possibilities but the scheduler does not switch days.
I even scheduled a whole weeks worth of a playlist and timed it to 168hrs of a week and chose to repeat once a week, but after 24hrs of perfection, the playlist turned to random playing..

Can anyone recommend any music scheduler software that is more powerful and versatile and compatible with Shoutcast, so that I can keep my files on a server but still automate all my shows?

I really hope this all makes sense and many thanks in advance :-)
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> "recommend any music scheduler software that is more powerful"
> "and versatile and compatible with Shoutcast"

No one can...cause currently there is nothing better (for your purpose)
which doesnt mean Centova is good..it is not good...not the software
not the support...not the company and not the owner.

I suppose you did not create your playlist-schedules as you should have
it is very well possible to have non-random playlists for each day of the week
Have you tried their (horrible and censored) forum ?

Else come back and tell me exactly how exactly you would want your playlist-schedules
...maybe i can help.
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most of the issues Centova has with the Auto DJ functionality stems from the software which it uses to provide that functionality, be it ices or sc_trans or whatever else is supported. as it's not clear from the original post _what_ Auto DJ is being used with Centova, it's hard to give a solid answer.
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Indeed it has nothing to do with the Shoutcast part
its obviously about the auto-dj included in Centova (its called "auto-dj" also)
which can take some time to fully understand
and it does have crucial bugs also...for example their "random" function is a mess
its random allright but it will only play 70% from whats on the list...so it
repeats in random the same 70%...ie 30 % is never played (skipped)...to me that is a
very important scandalous bug that they dont even want to admit.

Ofcourse you dont want to have a radiostation that dont play 30% of what you want it to play...so Centova´s random function sucks...it ruins everything...so dont use it.

Ofcourse that brings you to the dillemma that your auto-dj will play everything allways in the same order...which gets very boring after a few weeks...cause your listeners already know what is next.

* Solution 1:

Reorder the tracks in your playlists every few weeks.

* Solution 2:

Create at least 10 general playlists
Give them the same "weigth" (3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3)
Make shure that they hold a slightly different number of tracks (80,90,86,75...etc),
that will cause some randomness,

* Solution 3

Same as solution 2 but in addition use slightly different wieigth´s for the lists
(3,2,3,3,4,3,3,4,2,3,3) that will create additional semi randomness.

* Solution 4 (best)

Use both solution-1 and solution-2 and solution-3

Test everything by ripping (streamripper) and saving (with time and file names) everything for as many days untill they have all played 3 times...and see if they all played evenly
and on different times.

cpanda if you come back i could share some ideas
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The "auto-dj" is either ices, ices-cc or the shoutcast transcoder, depending on what you chose during setup. Centova doesn't use their own software, all the playlist page in it does is create a script for the above named software to use.
In case of sc_trans v2 it would write info into the calendar.xml and create playlist files - so basically it's a GUI for something you can also do editing playlist files and the calendar.xml (see http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/SHOUTcas..._Specification).

As you said you use Centova with built in FTP which means it's CentovaCast v3 beta. From what I've heard CC 3 playlist scheduling works well with sc_trans2 but as DrO said we don't know from your post which one you actually use. If you use ices or ices-cc (a patched ices version from Centova, to be prefered over the original one which lacks a couple of things) CC would use a different way of scripting the schedule and in this case you'd have to open a thread in their forum - there are still a lot of bugs in it.
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Dj Mambito
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what version ?

might be a difficult question cause in centova-software itself
it doesn´t mention a version number at all...nowhere!
That is so redicioulous also...and tells you how chaotic they are.

My guess its still V2 cause V3 is not out for large scale use
i suppose cpanda is not using his own but a externally hosted shoutcast-service
and these are all still on V2.


> "The "auto-dj" is either ices, ices-cc or the shoutcast transcoder"

You cant say that "auto-dj = ices" or "autodj = shoutcast" ...its not !
it has nothing to do with shoutcast...its a separate (pre)process.

The auto-dj in Centova is a Centova-made part in the Centova-panel
the Centova-autodj is their own software !

Shoutcast has nothing to do with the Autodj in Centova
therefore you cant solve Centova´s Autodj problems trough Shoutcast
the only ones that can solve it is Centova...and knowing them that might take untill 2020.

So all you can do is avoid using options that dont work/are-bugged.
It looks like they have stopped updating V2 for years and V3 is not really available yet
so those that use 3rd party shoutcast-hosting have to do with a crippled and bugged
version-2 thas is badly supported and with bugs that were not solved or even admitted for years.

Actually the best place to solve this playlist/autodj issues would be on the Centova forum
but i know from own experience that that forum is badly maintained if not manipulated with the purposes of not having to admit their bugs.

But cpanda´s problem to me sounds like he has not fully understood
the various options for the playlist-scheduler...which is easy cause its not very intuitive and it contains bugs.
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I've been following the CentovaCast v3 beta for some months now and checking their forum on a daily basis. v3 can be obtained by anyone willing to try it out and a purchased licence works. v2 is pretty dead because they've been working for almost 2 years on a complete rewrite, v3 has not much to do with what v2 has under the hood.
v2 doesn't come with integrated FTP so cpanda is using v3.

The "auto-dj" page in CC is, as I said, nothing but a GUI. The actual work is being done by other software, like ices or sc_trans.
IF cpanda chose sc_trans v2 he can check the calendar.xml and check for errors there. Which should then be repordeted in the CC v3 beta forum so they can work on their scripting.

Regarding the CC forum/support: They have gotten WAAAY better in the last few months and really answer bug/problem threads in the beta forum.

@DJ Mambito
Before you start arguing with me again, please take a day (much to read) and read up on v3 and what happens in the beta forum or even give it a test run so you have a solid base of information.

Question still goes: What did you choose as auto-dj at the account creation?
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Dj Mambito
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the biggest mistake / problem in this forum is that mostly it is assumed
that users have a shoutcast or whatever running on their own server or computer
and that they have a certain level of programming skills
so they get replies for that situation.

The reality is however that BY FAR most radiostations are using a:


ie: it does not run on their own server or pc.
ie: they have no access to their shoutcast-software.
ie: they are not programmers...they cant modify anything.

Now go and look for a hosted shoutcast-service that runs Centova V3
if you are lucky you find 1 or 2 (in 1000)
ie: it is useles to advice centova 3 cause for the biggest segment of radiostations
its simply not available cause they purchase shoutcast+centova (service) from a 3rd party (host)

So your V3 is still non-existing cause its not really there.
except for a few forefront programmers that know how to program everything
so they can run it (on their own server)...but they probably have no worth to mention radiostation.
Since in most cases radiosatation-owners or dj´s are not programmers
they will prefer to use a hosted shoutcast service
If you are a programmer good enough to reprogram/debug/whatever the shoutcast software...then you are probably not a good enough dj...you cant be good at everything..can you ? so you depend on those that get paid to do the software part for you, unfortunately some get paid and still dont work (centova)

And no i dont agree (hope im allowed to) with your statement that centova support
has improved...it has NOT...even if it did i will never talk to them again after being insulted
with how they handled me.

As a mattter of fact they dont support users...only buyers
if i use a shoutcast-centova hosted service...so centova was payed for by my host
then Centova refuses to support me...they will tell me that i did not buy it..so no support
they will tell me that only whoever bought it gets support...so i need to send the questions to my host...who will in turn send it to centova...the return path is the same in reverse order...in that process lots of details get lost or misunderstood,..the more since my and many other host dont run a radiostation themselves they have no idea what the problems are cause they have ZERO experience...all that makes it extremely difficult for the real endusers.

Then they have this forum where they clearly state that its run by forumvisitors and that
you cant (shouldnt) count on them that they wil reply.
To me all of that sounds like virtually no support...they have set it up such that
they are bothered as little as possible..so they can enjoy our money on the Bahamas
(hi Steve)

Then they have removed posts that concern serious bugs...that is pure manipulation
never seen that nowhere but at Centova they do that.

The latest V2 has not been upgraded for 3 years..that sucks
i can show you bugs that were acknowledged over 3 years ago
in my (latest) version those bugs are there...Centova comments on that as:
(in similar wording) "We did repair those bugs but have not distributed updated software"
ie: they repair bugs (they say) but dont send us the software with those repairs
When i read that i pulled out my hair...thinking: those peopl are total Mo***s !

Yes i have read V3 posts/doc/info but that is not very usefull
if my host and 99.999999% of shoutcast hosting-services still have only V2.
I´m a radio-owner-dj ...i pay for a service...dont bother me with bugs and version issues.

So yes i have to argue this...and i´m not making it up ...i´m a real user, i have a running shoutcast station...and my host uses Centova...and i´m 100% of the time on its Auto-dj.
The above is r.e.a.l.u.s.e.r.e.x.p.e.r.i.e.n.c.e.

I dont know why you keep insisting that "the real work" is done by some other part,
the top question in this forum is about the playlist-creator (auto-dj) which messes up
once again there´s NO PLAYLIST CREATING STUFF IN SHOUTCAST ..the real playlist making stuff is done in Centova´s-autodj NOT in shoutcast ..it has nothing to do with shoutcast...so if there´s a playlist-schedule mess problem then it needs to be solved
in the module responsable for that in centova and its called (Centova)"autodj".

I´m not arguing...just saying that everything Centova sucks...as with most products
the product/bar/discotheque/restaurant/service is as good as its owner/producer,
just lightening up a little bit on why Centova is what it is.

Anyway cpanda is not replying anymore so why bother
i´m not a fan of waisting time if they dont reply in 2 days


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another useless thread
the threadstarter is dead.
the argumenter is out of words.

Good and usefull forum !
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Since in most cases radiosatation-owners or dj´s are not programmers
they will prefer to use a hosted shoutcast service
Have to admit... all the stations I know using hosted services and not doing it themselves are a joke with low quality standards and no concept whatsoever. Don't want to generalize there, it's just what I've seen so far. I haven't seen your station so please don't relate this comment as being aimed at you

Gotta give you that much, I DID "assume" cpanda was running CC on his own server. If he doesn't... it doesn't make a lot of sense trying to get help here when he actually couldn't change anything himself if he got an answer. He'd be better off using his provider's helpdesk. Not writing in this thread I guess he is doing that
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okidoki !
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