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SC_trans Drop 6 Playlist not working

Hey folks,

as the docs.txt of DROP 6 of sc_trans stated, there should be the possibility to not list all single mp3 files within a playlist, and instead call a php script that returns the actual song that is to be played.

If i setup a playlist.lst file like:

PHP Code:
#!/usr/bin/php /absolute/path/to/scripts/getNextSong.php 
and start sc_trans it does exit right away with the log-message "Playlist run dry".

The php Script is ok, it returns the full absolute path to mp3 files. The sc_trans User has full access to the playlist-File, to the php scripts... if i call the php scripts in user-context i also get a song-path returned on console.

Any Idea?


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that sounds more like beta drop 5 or lower which did exit when the playlist was empty and also could not run external scripts..

also consider that the username running the sc_trans processes needs read and execute permission to the directories where the mp3 files are located.

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It seems php didn't execute at all.
I put some codes in php file that show me if php script ever run and it's not
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