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DNAS Summary Page - Disable?


Is it possible to completely disable the public facing DNAS page?

Would this be controlled by the DNAS Public (Set by source / Never / Always) setting in the config builder?

Or failing that, is it possible to prevent the Current Stream Information being displayed? I'm not particularly keen on my listener statistics being so easily publicly accessible


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I'm looking for exactly the same solution. We want to prevent any random public browser from seeing the listener count on the DNAS summary page.

Is there a way to hide either the listener count or the entire summary page?

This is with SHOUTcast Server Version 1.9.8/Linux by the way.

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there is the hidestats option but you need to be using a v2.2.x release if the DNAS to get that functionality.
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make all your stats public and they wont have to go looking for it hehe =]... besides in most cases (but not all) anyone who is interested in such information already knows how to get them :P

never really saw the point if your listed on shoutcast directory.... unless your being dishonest in some way about your reported listener count :P
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its more handy for internally hosted setups where the stats are only useful for those running it (such as feeding other DNAS in a distributed setup) or so others can't scrape the stats to find out what is being run on it. though those who are faking stats are obvious as they're on weird v1.x DNAS builds.
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