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Is it worth the change?

Just got an email from Micro-soft with an offer of free upgrade to win 10 from win 7. Has anyone tried this yet? Did you lose any music files or did you have to back them up? Is it worth the bother? I assume from reading other posts that Winamp works with 10. My music collection and fam pics are my main concern.

Comments? Is this topic appropriate for General Discussion?
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When messing with your OS, always backup your personal data. Assume the worst, hope for the best.
That said, also backup your data if your system is/seems fine. HDD's often break without warning.

Any newer version is better imo, but sometimes it takes some time to get used to it.

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I'll be doing it, as for backing up...

All my important stuff is never on my boot drive.

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I always use the latest version of Windows available so I'll definitely be upgrading as soon as it's released. Normally I'm installing the beta the moment it drops but I've been so happy with Windows 8.1 that I've put off getting around to it. With the release date right around the corner at this point I might as well just wait...

If 10 is anything like 8.1, those who are upgrading from 7 are going to be impressed by how much snapper the new OS is. Boots quicker, executes commands faster, and even runs games better too.

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